Songs that have no intro

I listened to a question on the radio abouts songs that start with the whole band coming in, no intro, no click click, no one two three... just straight in, it also has to have been a hit single in the UK, and the singing has to start in the first bar. apparently, there is only 1, but i know of another, the one i thought of is 'Buddy Holly' by Weezer, can you guess the other one?

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lee_UK wrote:
so that's 4 musicians and a drummer.

:lol: good job slotting that one in there.

T. Rex?

Micky finn made all the difference in that band.. :roll:

Is there a John Peel connection?

Spandau Ballet?

Edit: Arg just realised im logged in as admin. Mike.

"Four musicians and a drummer", so Mike hazards a guess with Spandau Ballet. No wonder you hid under your GNW s/n, Mike.

There was 5 wasn't there. ANy of em coulda picked up a guitar.

OK, I've been ruminating on this for the best part of this afternoon, and I reckon that the band (two guitars, bass, keyboards, drums), hailing from London, active between 1978-2000, 22 UK hit singles, absolutely must be Squeeze.

The song?

"Pulling Muscles (From The Shell)"

(I've just listened to it to check - my colleague has a bunch of CDs here in the office including a Squeeze compilation - it works!)

What do I win?

I can't believe somebody got it!!
Well done glw, SQUEEZE indeed, great songwriters, Pulling Mussels was the song, i thought this was going to wrangle on for months.
Well done.
Good competition, let's face it, Mike was never going to get anywhere near it, Spandau Ballet my arse!

lee_UK wrote:
i thought this was going to wrangle on for months.

so did i, but i'm kind of dissapointed it's over; it was fun to check everyday & see peoples answers.

got any other trivia?

lol good work GLW.

Yeah it is a shame it's over. Was a lot of fun.

C'mon, Spandau Ballet wasn't such a bad guess.

And I still rekon I had one with Ruby Tuesday.

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