Dr Who!

I've read and seen infinitely better Sci-fi and it's worthless as comedy, I've even seen better combinations of the two (Red Dwarf, Back to the Future). So what's the point? With it's stupid costumes and awful acting the only comparison that springs to mind is panto! and I hate panto at Christmas never mind all year! Then to add insult to injury it's on the BBC so I paying for the f'in pile to be made!!!

Hmm, I feel purged now.

On the plus side, it gets the other-half out of the studio so I can 'Rock'

'Hell Yeah!' and indeed 'Whoop!'


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Does Billie Piper not mean a thing to you Tim?

Im with Tim, the storylines are useless, but my 2 kids 7 and 10 love it, so i class it as a CBBC production.
Blakes 7, Saphire and Steel and anything by Terry Nation was far superior.

I like it, Mrs Bass likes it and Bass Jr likes it. Except that there is often a strong romantic thread (as in the past two episodes) which sends most 9 y.o. boys straight off to their DS console. I'd've thought the writers would know that.

So, we are split right down the middle with this one?? maybe Mike can have the deciding vote?

Blink! was as well-written as any idea (Steven Moffat has written a few of the more clever episodes). I confess to never missing Blake's 7 as a kid, but the last three Dr Who series are in a different league. Of course, it's a kid's programme, but it's nice to sit and watch something with him without suffering brain death.

I'm biased. No good me deciding.

Yeah, having to fund CBBC is another bone of contention with me, there should be an extra tax on people who reproduce to fund this stuff really.

As for all the old man programs, I'm afraid I couldn't comment :D I maybe saw a few reruns as a kid but...

Not strictly Sci-Fi, but do you mean you have never seen the first series of 'Survivors'?

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