Silvertone Amp-in-case Guitar

More or less how thick is the rosewood piece on the bridge? Mine was missing and I made a piece of brass fit, but I think it's too high. How much clearance from stings to last fret? Thanks

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Welcome in Gary. That Silvertone is a fairly unusual guitar and I don't think any of the regs here have one, but hopefully somebody might see this on a thread and chime in. Searching for tips on setting action should give you an idea of acceptable tolerances. I know what to aim for in a bass, but that's not much use to you. Perhaps others here can chime in. Usual practice is to measure string height at first fret and octave, rather than the last fret on the neck. That measurement is a bit too variable from guitar to guitar, I'd've thought.

As far as I know it's not too different from the Dano reissues from the last decade (not the latest ones). Check some of those for comparison.

Those tended to have a pretty high action ( good exercize : ) ) I don't think the bridge piece was real rosewood, ofcourse the rest of the guitar was plywood and masonite. Set it as low as you can without buzzing. The frets tended not to be real great either, but they are a cool piece of guitar history

Mick Jagger can be seen playing slide on one of these Silvertone amp-in-case jobbies on the new Rolling Stones DVD boxset, The Biggest Bang.

And one of the case/amps recently went through FleebUK auction; pretty cheaply. I didn't bid because I'm not much of a guitarist and those things used weird old valves.

Hey Gary,

I don't have a Silvertone amp in case guitar but I do have one badged Airline. Both were probably made by Valco here in the U.S.

The bridge on mine looks like a Teisco style bar bridge made of metal. With the thumb wheels, you should be able to get whatever height adjustment you want.

Here's a couple of pictures to help you determine if our guitars are similar. sb

I'm not sure your Airline amp-in-case was made by Valco. It looks a lot more like something produced by Kay, Harmony, or even Danelectro. Here's an interesting read on Airline history.

I have a Harmony Stratotone Deluxe (H-47) that is very similar. Both were basically cheap Les Paul copies, but are "ccol" beyond words today. It is the one in my vintage collection I will not even consider selling.



Don't get 1bassleft started on 'original tubes' especially if they are original Mullards. :lol:


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