Introductions: Who are we??

Just thought It would be a good idea to give a brief biog on who we are, what we do, and how long we have been doing it.

Ive been playing guitar since i was 12, im now 42, i played in a school band and got hooked on playing and writing music.
I stopped playing for a while and picked the guitar up again in 1995 and really havent put it down, ive been in various cover bands since 95 and im currently in 2 bands, one is called 'Land' which is a 4 piece originals band, we play our own brand of rock.
My 2nd band is a working covers band called 'The stone monkeys' we have been together for a year and have about 25 gigs a year, we try to keep it down to 2 per month.
I play Lead guitar in the covers band and a bit of lead with Land.
I live on the borders of London in Essex with a wife and 2 kids.
I currently have 22 guitars laying around the house, which are mostly Gibson Fender Rickenbacker and Tokai.
Amps, i have a few, Hiwatt, THD, Peavy, Marshall, I mainly use the Hiwatt head with a home made 2x12 cab loaded with Celestion vintage 30's, i use the Peavy Bandit as a backup amp, i mainly use my Gibson SG or my Gibson Les Paul for live work, i used to use an array of pedals for effects, but i found the rig broke down a lot, either battery problems or actual pedals breaking down, so i now use a Vox Multi effects unit with a valve preamp, and its fantastic.
Ive been posting on this board a while now, probably the longest serving poster, and im now a Moderator.
Anyway, thats me.

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:lol: OK--finally got registered and logged in! old guy here, been playing since the early 60's. blues, surf, rock, whatever! yardbirds freak too! no band these days, let the younger guys have their shot at it. currently playing a godin detour thru a h&k blue edition 60, as well as 3 dano reissues and a traynor reverb mate 40. and the taylor baby m when i don't feel like plugging in.
not partial to tube or solidstate amps, not into the fender-gibson wars. i play guitars and amps that have a sound i like! not real picky but i do have my own thoughts on the subject!
glad to be here and just gonna sit and watch for a spot to jump in! peace

Welcome in, Surfdaddy. I was scratching my head when you said "not into tube and solid state amps"; I was wondering if there was some new invention out there. Then I got it - you're not into endless discussions about which is best. Lots of threads here that are neither Fender/Gibson nor tube/SS "which is best?" types. Hope to hear soon.

Hey Surfdaddy, You like Blues and Rock so I'll be happy! And don't worry about the Gibson/fender crap...I'm very much Pawn-shop guitars and borrowed amps (literally, that's been my setup for years!)

Totally agree on going for sound, and playablitity too in my case...a nice cheap guitar can be hacked up and fitted with nice P'ups without any worry of resale values,

Hi guys, newbie here so here's a brief introduction. I'm a guitarist from Ireland into all the NeoClassical players. Fave guitarist is Paul Gilbert. I also like most rock guitar and I'm also into blues players like Bonamassa and Healey and Flamenco guitar as well. My guitars are an Ibanez RGR420, Caparison Horus and a Hamer Californian.

Hi to the other new guys here.

I didn't see this thread before asking my question in the acoustic forum last night.

My name is Michael (obviously) and I've been involved in music one way or another since I was around six years old climbing up on my Mom's piano bench and banging on the keys.

I gigged when I was younger but always played the piano or a Roland JX-3P and an Ensoniq synth. I tried guiter in one band but I was miles behind the rest of the guys in terms of technique and theory. It was always easier for me to see the notes on a keyboard than it was to see those same notes on a fretboard.

I got into multi-track recording in the mid '80's and used to salivate at the local store over the TASCAM 38-8's that I couldn't afford back then. Instead, using some off-brand 4-track cassette machine that still cost a bundle back then since they were relatively new on the market. I had a lot of fun with that and wrote some crappy tunes. I did learn a lot about arranging and producing though, so all was not wasted.

After a stint in the Air Force I went back to college and took a lot of music theory and composition classes along with formal piano classes. All three of those subjects made me a much better piano player but I didn't seem to be able to apply what I had learned to the guitar, so I'm still struggling with it to this day.

Nowdays I practice guitar more and piano less. My Kurzweil SP88 is propped up in the corner to make room for the VOX AC50 and the few guitars I have. My nicest is an Epi LP Custom in white. I'm getting ready to change the pick-ups out for Gibson '57's. It's been a good guitar for a not so advanced player. I have a Dean Vendetta which despite the price and being made is China is a surprisingly playable and solid guitar. It was set up by Ed Roman, and in fact purchased from him several years ago.

My talent on the guitar really doesn't justify the expense of a VOX amp, but I've always wanted a tube amp and I don't care for the Marshal sound.

My talent doesn't justify the expense of a Rick Turner Model 1 either, but I've always wanted one of those too. Maybe someday if I get any better.

For acoustic guitars I have a 12-string Ibanez PF and a dark and muddy Seagull S-6. Both very playable and OK guitars, but far from a Martin or Taylor.

I don't record much anymore not having anything to write about, but I have that TASCAM 38-8 I used to dream about along with a TASCAM 52-2 mix-down deck hooked to a TASCAM M-1516 console, and assorted boxes and mics. It's a lot of fun at times and frustrating at other times.

Influences over the years have been Rush, Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham, Styx, Jimmy Buffet and a few other names that escape me just now.

Anyway, enough rambling from me.

Welcome in Michael (and apols to IbanezDaemon - I've been offline for a while). Really interesting background story, Michael - I especially identified with the recording. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, we did our stuff on a co-operative owned R8 mastered onto DAT (which none of us could play) and we couldn't afford the sky-high cost of 500 minimum CDs then so I have to listen to hissy old cassettes.

These youngsters plopping it onto hard drives and 750 friends on their MySpace site.... don't know they're born :lol:

Thanks for the nice welcome.

I have to agree. I was in it so long ago I was seriously thinking of laquer back then. Cassette prices were running about the same... still unaffordable for me back then.

If I can figure out a way to get a few of my songs from Nowhere Radio to here, I'll post them. I can't even remember my password or user name it's been so long since I checked in over there.

Funny thing about having all of this equipment I couldn't live without back in the '80's is that it's all obsolete now. Nearly antique, certainly vintage.

The Beatles didn't have it this good in the '60's. I think I remember reading somewhere that one of their early albums was tracked on a 4-track deck.

I have a thread in clips and pics categoryu called "what was 1BL doing in '93?". I took a cassette recording of my band's and stuck a digicam in sound mode in front of the speaker, punting the resultant wav file up to a site called 4shared.

Unfortunately, I let the account lapse through lack of updating it. Still, I've found the camera with the file on it and could even digitize some more of my old stuff and punt it up to a file-sharing place. I'd be interested if you put some of yours up.

On The Beatles, I think the early mono recordings were even more primitive than that. All instruments on track 1 and the vocals on track 2. If strings or orchestral bits were needed, the two tracks were bounced to 1 and the orchestra recorded on track 2. That's the impression I got from some TV programme I watched years ago.

Hey Michael, IbanezDaemon. I've also been offline for a bit, sorry!

Best thing I've found for saving old stuff is me half decent sound card, initial outlay was a fair chunk but I can connect any Hi-Fi seperates to it and record Vinyl, Cassette, CD etc also takes my bass and guitar and even has midi sockets.

However, despite being a (less so these days) sprightly 28 I still have my Dad's old Sony reel-to-reel which was the first thing I ever recorded myself on...singing unfortunately...and trying to be a radio-type voice...and American :?

I've finally got the live cassette of my first ever gig back (been circling people for 7 years now) so there may well be a "What was Tim doing in 98?" thread some day soon... :wink:

Looking at the Vans sticker you was obviously skateboarding in '98.

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