Sometimes people surprise me here!

I mean all those who register and add a new topic.
You post a reply and...they never come back so you are unable to know if they have read it!

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In many cases, this is the 1-post, "I have a guitar with six strings and six metal knobs at the end that make the strings sound lower and higher. The neck has dots and metal strips across it. There is a small hole in the side of the guitar that my friend (who is an expert) tells me is used to plug into an amplifier. I stole... I mean, found it in the loft and it has the words "Fensonbacker Made in USA' and a serial number 'xxx-xxx' but I haven't typed this info into Google because I'm too thick/lazy. Any idea what it's worth?"

One of us does the required search, looks at completed eBay listings, and posts a reply. Our new chum then flogs it to a pawn shop before the rozzers notice his electronic tag is wrapped round the leg of his pit bull terrier most nights. I used to do the replying, with Lee smirking at me for bothering. Nowadays, Guy, you're doing most of this thankless donkey work. Permission to smirk? :lol:

Sometimes I spend a good bit of time researching for new users - namely for the posts 1bass speaks of - '''What sort of guitar do I own??'''

It is dissapointing when you find out they don't intend to stay on as regular users.

and there is those that do stay! :D

and glad you do, Ralphie :D . Also, to our other, very welcome, semi-newbs.

Life is full of surprises!...

But i do believe in the element of surprise...
I wont surprise you guys...will stay and learn.....

Welcome to the fold, Belle :)

Welcome - please feel free to share your a little about yourself in the intro thread at the top.

lol my fav is

'what is the best guitar to buy?'

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