Trivia: Guitarist/Band Who Am I

Lee's thread was a lot of fun, so here is another little game.

We are an English band who despite having 18 albums, only had 1 top 10 hit (UK/US). We changed our name not too long after being formed. We have been around for over 30 years.

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1bassleft wrote:
OK, move onto the 1970s now. A trademark striped shirt (from an early age, see pic), a superlative (later dropped) and now - Taggart-like, the band play eponymously in his absence. Should be easy enough if you think about it:

He does look a bit Crazy Diamond, but that was the 60's.... are they still around?

What about my "Alex Harvey" answer on the last page?

C'mon - it's got to be him. The striped shirt. The "Sensational" superlative. The band carrying on in his name after his death.

wheres 1bl gone?

Sorry, I was unvoidablied last night. GLW got it in a shockingly quick time. I tried to disguise it with a few dictionary-hunting words like "superlative" and "eponymous" but the man saw through that.

Yep, Sensational (superlative) Alex Harvey Band (eponymous) it was. They're still playing even though he died in 1982. I found the pic of him as a boy on a fansite and loved the fact that the characteristic stripey top featured even then.

Apols for doing such a short-lived brain-twister, but congrats to glw.

Glw you next in the question seat.

Haha...I should've known that! My band started playing "Couldn't Get It Right" at the request of my uncle. Good song; don't know much about the band itself though.

Come on GLW, get on with it, some of us lose sleep trying to research the answers, but i always find the lee_uk method the best, just throw everything in until the fish start floating.

It's like a shock and awe attack hey Lee. You overwhelm us with answers that we are left with no choice but to handout more and more clues.

Maybe someone else would like to start a new one and glw can do his after.

GLW has gone AWOL so i'll post one up. For starters im only going to describe the instruments in the Classic line up of the band, formed in 78' what a band they were.
The Fender Boyz:

Fender Telecaster Thinline (mostly)
Fender Jaguar (nearly always)
Fender Jazz (always)
Who cares about the drum kit, they all sound the same.

i think this one will go in the first guess, might be over to 1Bassleft for the next one.

nice try throwing us off with the boyz line lee. The answer is the Go-Gos

donate my winnings to charity please

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