When I bend my pinky down, it curves down under my ring finger. I think its holding me back from reaching that extra fret. Is this natural, or a little extreme?
I attached a pic, (never done that before) so I hope it goes thru.
Thanks for looking, I hope dont need surgery!!!!

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Mine and Stacey's pinky does not fold under.

The fingers and hand are a weird apparatus and after this long I don't know if you could train them to move any other way.

We all know 1b has had to deal with the traumatic experience of being left handed devil spawn, it's something you have to work with, but maybe he can offer some tips.

You should see how I hold my writing pen, it's a shambles and it would be impossible to change now.

I say work with it.

We all know you have webbed fingers Mike.

The ladies love it.

It's all about drawing upon your strengths, be it crazy bent pinky fingers or webbed fingers.

and toes too, dont forget them.

Geo ought to be congratted for the best thread title I've seen all year. Makes me want to write a song. I edited your post to make image-clicking easy for others, BTW.

Sorry to tell you that my pinky bends are not so extreme, but here's something. My right (fretting) hand has absolutely no trouble; if I snap third and fourth fingers down to my palm, they keep away from each other. However, if I snap them down on my left (plucking) hand, they clash a little bit and the pink is either slightly above or below the third - or at least in the way. Hmmm, this may be a genetic thing, like looping your tongue, but one that can be at least partly practised out.

On another note, the 1st and 2nd fingers of my fretting hand have a pronounced curvature to them from years of playing. They twist and bend into the straighter 3rd finger. Anyone else have this?

I have an oddly shaped tip to my little finger on the freting hand, it's the result of chopping it off on a garden gate when i was 5, some kind soul picked it up and the hospital managed to sew it back on, oddly enough, i only ever get pain in the finger when im playing bass, probably a lot more pressure holding down the string.
But i must say Geo's setup does look a bit.. Abi Normal. :shock:

Just bending from the lowest knuckle like you seem to be doing mine does this a fair bit, maybe a third of it is under the ring finger. Like everyone else says I think learn to work round it, but stretches can be good too...


Thank you all for your encouragement.

Ive never heard so much fuss over a finger.

95% of the tone's in the fingers, Lee. Nobody ever made a fuss about that statistic.

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