Pictures of Epiphone Les Paul Internals

Hi all, I am new here.

I have a bit of a strange request. Would it be possible for any owners of Epiphone Les Pauls (or even better, Les Paul Customs, or even better, Alpine White Les Paul Customs) to take a picture of the internals of their guitar with the big backplate off? Closeups preferred.

If anyone has any pictures from the internet that would do, I would be grateful for those too.

I am trying to tell if I have a Chinese fake in my posession or the real deal.

Thanks all.

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Real Deal Epiphones have been made in Gibson's Chinese factory, QingDao, for quite a few years now. The serial number on your Epi should give you info on its provenance. I found this piece on Wikipedia:

An "I" at the beginning means manufactured by Sae In (Korea); "U" means by Unsung (Korea); "P" means Peerless (Korea); "S" means Samick (Korea);

"R" is manufactured by "Peerless Guitars" of Korea.(

DW = DeaWon (China); EA = Gibson/QingDao (China); EE = Gibson/QingDao (China); MC = Muse (China); SJ = SaeJung (China); BW = China

"B" (found on some Korina G-400 is Bohêmia Musico-Delicia (Czech Republic);

SI = Samick Indonesia

F = Fujigen (Japan)

Example: U8034853 U= Unsung 8= 1998 03 = March 4853= manufacturing number

While my other post is awaiting moderation I'll just say that what I suspect it is is an *unauthorised* copy (The serial starts with I but it came from China? Seems....wrong) like an increasing amount of the ones listed on ebay. There are many things that have led me to suspect that and the internals/wood are pretty much the last thing to confirm.

Right, I understand your concerns. I hope that someone can post up a pic of their Epi LP internals and help you out. If passers-by are reading this, please read the first page of the sticky "posting pics on guitarsite" to help you out, or PM me and I'll put the pics up for you.

Don't suppose an Epi SG could give any pointers? Let me know if any use.

Good luck!

It might be, if it's made from alder/mahogany....I think the material behind the backplate would be similar at least in part....let's see what you've got, thanks for the help too.

No worries, although I must add this SG was a victim of Grunge (courtesy of other people, not me!) and I see now why only one Pup works!

It's Korean BTW:

Thanks Tim, what colour is the guitar?

There are many other factors that made me suspicious:

"Made in Korea" sticker on back of headstock when guitar was shipped "new" from China (Direct from the factory was mentioned in eay listing).
Slightly Blurred "Les Paul" logo on truss rod cover.
Misaligned screw/hole on truss rod cover.
Les Paul Custom logo on headstock seems too small compared to Epiphone model which reaches E tuners.
Material used for inlays looks wrong/suspicious.
Tuners seem cheap (Once again, like the tuners on my previous Gibson bootleg).

Plus there is the inside. It is a white Les Paul Custom and when I take the backplates off the wood seems cheap looking. That's what I want to confirm.

Thanks Tim, from that I suppose if my guitar was white it should be white inside too? Mine seems rougher in the inside, not like chipboard/particle board but rougher in the bits that are routed.


Tim wrote:
No worries, although I must add this SG was a victim of Grunge (courtesy of other people, not me!) and I see now why only one Pup works!

It's Korean BTW:

Thats typical of you Tim, don't tease us with a few 'case slightly open, ooh whats inside!!' shots, then maybe a shot of the neck then one of the body, no not you, you go straight in for the 'Blanking plates off, internal shots' Disgusting!! how about a nice full lenght picture of her? im sure she is worth it, and does she have any mods? :lol:


Not really any mods on this one, just repairs after previous owners 'creativity'

Anyway, just for you Lee, here's a 'reclining on the couch' shot:

Repairs included major body repairs so a respray was required - black sanded back to original cherry on edges then satin varnish.

Back on subject, it has 'MADE IN KOREA' etched on the neckplate under the serial number. The grain of the wood is perfectly visible inside and the laquer inside is the same as the original external finish (but messier).

Sorry couldn't be more help, someone must have a Les Paul!

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