How much is your guitar worth -- Find date and value.

N.B: This is a work in progress. I'd like everyone to contribute. Your help adding to this thread will help many players and guitar enthusiasts.
Last updated: July 17 2007.

Okay, you've just found a junk pile acoustic in your basement. It has a mark on it which is either wet damp setting in or Bo Diddley's signature. Your pretty sure it's Bo's signature though, so you turn to the net to confirm. Which brings us to you being here. Is your guitar worth 44 cents or 44 thousand?

Chances are it's not even worth 44 cents or his signature, but rather a good sign the foundations of your house are about to cave in. Nevertheless, if you like turning a blind eye to reality (and who doesn't), here's how to find out:

Visit eBay

Search for your guitar on eBay. This will give you an idea of what the market is willing to pay.

Blue Books

Comprehensive information and up-to-date pricing on plenty of guitars.


Multitudes of guitar catalogs.

Online Appraisal

50 bucks for an appraisal from Gruhn Guitars out of Nashville, TN.

Dating your guitar

If all else fails

Ask us here in the forum. But please remember to provide pictures and as much information as possible. It takes us a fair bit of time to research the guitars people ask us about, so we can't check everyone.

Users who post often to the forums and make such requests are more likely to be helped out.

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Billie Joe Armstrong's guitar from American Idiot tour

Hey guys?

So, about 14 years ago, my dad bought a white Les Paul Junior that was signed by Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. He said this is the exactly replica from the tour, and only about 1,200 were made.

I was just wondering if it was legit and how much it's worth. The number on the head is 080732.

Thank you!

Epiphone supernova

Hi do you know what my epiphone supernova is worth? Sunburst colour

Was bought in 1998 approx and in mint condition

Serial number R97p 0604

Guitar Valuation

Hello everyone, I am hoping you can help.

I have inherited a Roland G-303 guitar and G-300 synth box. I have been looking online and can not find a valuation for these or much information. Are you able to give me a rough idea of the value of these together?

Serial number I believe is G806281, this is on the back of the headstock and is the only thing resembling a serial number on the guitar. From looking online this would indicate it was manufactured in March 1979 (

The guitar belonged to my father who played in bands in his youth so has the usual marks you would associate with that but is in very good condition.

Any assistance on this is greatly appreciated and I can email pictures of both the guitar and synth box.

Tried everywhere to date my ESP LTD MH-100QMNT

Hi there! The majority of my collection consists of Gibson's, and Epiphone's. To determine the factory, date of manufacture, and production run number for these guitars I use a great site that maybe someone here hasn't been made aware of: However, for the life of me, I cannot find out anything about my ESP LTD MH-100QMNT. It is not a bolt-on, and the serial number stamped on the back of the headstock consists of 10 digits. I've seen sites that can date ESP's that have 7, or 8 numbers, but not 10. If ANYONE could help me with this, I would be very grateful! It was manufactured in Indonesia, and the serial #'s are: 1W13110738. I could hazard a guess based on the site I use for dating my Epiphone's, but that's all it would be--a guess! If I were to consider 1W=Factory; 1311= November, 2013; 0738= 738th in that production run. Or I suppose 1107 could=November, 2007. I'm stumped! If anyone could help me to solve this mystery, like I said--I would be very grateful!

Thank you,

Barnacle Bill

Guitar help

Hello! I am currently trying to figure out what my guitar is worth but I need some help. I know that it's a washburn but I haven't been able to find a similar one online. How do I attach images? I have pictures.

Lucero guitar information

I have a Lucero electric acoustic serial number PSI150903905 model number LC-100CE/N. I want to know the year and value.

Martin LX1

I just bought a guitar, it is a Martin LX1, when I looked for the serial number I couldn,t find it as there was no lable inside. Does this hurt the value of the guitar?

Pan hummingbird guitar

I have a pan hummingbird acoustic guitar that is made by "arai" not aria lol that I need more info on and will possibly sell once I kno its worth and what not. If anyone can help thatd be great I have photos as well if needed contact me

What is my guitar worth if I were to sell it today?

I bought a Valley Arts Custom Pro (Violet/Purple) new in 92' and was wondering what it would be worth today, as I can't find any on the market for sale to gage from?

It's in great condition, has the original case etc. The serial number is #VA00722

Thanks for your help

Non descript regal resonator tenor

I just bought a tenor guitar with a resonator. The Guitar was "sold as" a 1930's Regal. the patent # on the resonator, 1896484, Feb 1933; is for its resonator, which was made by the Dopyera bros. (Dobro) The guitar is in excellant condition and there is no branding, anywhere visible without taking it apart. Round neck, Sun Burst. The Resonator design is always on a "1933" year product. Is mine a Regal or a Dobro. Strange there isn't a single identifing mark other than the Patent number. Thanks, Gary Mc

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