What kind of epiphone this is ?

Does anybody know what kind of guitar this is? has anybody ever seen an epiphone like this before? this is what i know about it.

1) the bolt-on neck states that it was made in japan. therefore, it's c. 1970-1975.

2) there is neither a model number nor a serial number. the only number on the guitar is a "#1412", written in typewriter writing, and glued onto the inside of the back rearguard protector.

3) the headstock is a batwing, which positions it in the late 60's. but the made in japan part makes that impossible.

4) it doesn't really look like an epiphone - it looks like a strat! i know that epiphone was making strat copies in the 60's, but i thought they stopped doing that before the plant moved to japan?

5) the two double coil pickups suggest that this was not meant to be a strat copy, unless they were added in later.

so, needless to say i'm confused by this thing. i have one of two theories:

a) this is some kind of early 70's epiphone made strat knockoff, but with two humbuckers, no pick guard and a batwing headstock......making it not really a strat ripoff....

b) somebody somewhere in some garage put this together from a spare epiphone neck and some extra parts.

i need further opinions, as i'm looking to get apartment insurance and need to know how much i should put this down for. if it's a legit epi from c. 1973, well, that means it's getting close to vintage, now, doesn't it? if it's something somebody tossed together in their basement, that doesn't make the guitar any less enjoyable to play, but it does mean i'll be claiming it for less, i would think.

unless somebody thinks the body is worth more than the neck.

legit epi or homemade frankenstein?

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At the end of the day..... it's still a very nice guitar.

Epiphone DEFINITELY (sorry for the shouting) marketed Stratotypes in the 80s, made in Korea mostly, but I daresay other places. There was a point around the mid-late 80s where the LP/SG was "out" and the Strat or "Superstrat" (a humbucker or two) was in. I worked for a mag around this time and the Superstrat was everywhere. Epiphone did a load of Fenderlikes, shamelessly, in this period.

But.... at the end of the day..... it's still a nice looking guitar. :lol:

What are you trying to say, Lee?

I haven't seen a pic of this guitar but I believe I have one that I can't find any info on also.

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