2X12 cabinet and speaker selection

I know this is pretty subjective but any comments or ideas about a 2x12 cab and which speakers for my JTM45 clone. I've seen lots of comments for this
http://www.avatarspeakers.com/ with One Celestion Vintage 30 and one G12H30 .Price seems pretty decent. Any other ideas. This one here is a bump up in price: http://www.mojaveampworks.com/index.php?id=2,0,0,1,0,0
Thanks for any help........

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Lee did me an excellent favour there. A Burman 2x12" combo (were the tubes removed? I can't remember) and the extremely tatty case and replaced drivers (original Burman drivers are decent Fanes or Celes) dropped the price. The chassis was all that was wanted but I didn't realize I'd been less than generous with my "keep the speakers for yourself, mate" deal. Taiwanese, eh? I hope your cat is dumping on them with extreme prejudice.

Sometimes, though, duff speakers do wonders for bargaining. I picked up a decent, 70s Laney 60W head for peanuts because it was job-lotted with a pair of ghastly 50W 12" + horn PA cabs. A just-about driveable pickup for me. I'd love to get rid of the cabs but I suspect even a £0.99 starter might be pitched too high. It's worth searching speaker cabs on Fleeb sometimes. Grubby old cabs go for zip and the pics (if not the text) can occasionally reveal a couple of useful drivers.

I picked up a Conoly 2X12 cab from someone at TGP for a $100 plus shipping. It's in excellent shape. Looks like a pine box and the tolex is in 9/10 shape at worst. Went ahead and got the v30 and g12h speakers coming and if I find a deal on a nice greenback could keep it around and find the best 2 out of 3. Nice find on the cat house Lee :P

Speaking of cabs (there is a pun of such appalling mirthlessness that I shall move quickly on), I've noticed a recent BIN-type auctioner on FleebUK offering what I figure is a pretty good deal. I've no connection with them but I'm considering making enquiries:


45 squid for a Champ-type combo box in dovetailed pine strikes me as good value. I'm thinking of maybe a headbox for the 5F1 chassis and/or a 1x10" case for my 5E3. I get a bit anxious playing the 5E3 balanced on top of my 2x12", with all those valves and trannies waiting to take a fall.

Myfoot and Lee (I know Lee's handy with a chisel) have a look - I know the site is a bit basic, but the general idea's all there - and tell me your thoughts.

I'm not sure of the exchange rate , but I'd say that seems very reasonable. I paid $270 for the case for my 5e3 but that was tolexed and all hardware installed. Still I have seen some sellers on the bay wth some quality looking stuff for less money. I did have contact with a seller that made cases from solid pine with the dovetailed and rounded over corners that sold unfinished cases ( for my 5e3) for around $100 . I always thought if I changed to a head I'd give him a try.

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With a strong pound for the past few years now, £45 = $90 so it is quite a good price. In any case (another awful pun lurking there), shocking postage costs eat into any saving from buying Stateside. I really ought to get in touch with these people; perhaps enquire about costs for finished. HST, I'm not gigging them so lovely looking tweed isn't my 1st priority.

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