My first (and last) collab with U.S.A !!!!!!

I can't explain how this quickly!
John (I met him on another forum) emailed me a few days ago and told me that he likes one of my pieces.
I couldn't believe it when I listened to his arrangement (received today)
He added vocal,synth and bass guitar.
That will stay my best "online souvenir"! :wink:

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No surprise that he likes "Green Fields" Guy - I'm rather partial to it myself. Just make sure you don't get shafted on the royalties :wink:

Not too keen on the Vocal style. But a good effort.

Not really my sort of thing, but I didn't mind it. Vocalist sounded a bit too much like Tay Zonday (but with less impact).

Still enjoyed the guitar, but yeah, the vocals took me out of it.

What are you like on the vocal front Guy?

Hmmm.... :D
Well, If I was able to write lyrics, to find a melody, to sing perfectly, to add different instruments and to make an arrangement like that one so quickly , everytime a guy sends me a sample...I would be a professional!

I think your guitar work is a hell of a lot better than that fellows lyrical and melody, as we say round here, you have brought the champagne to the party while he has brought the 4 pack of Tesco's value non-alcoholic lager.
His lyric writing isn't up to much, and his singing is up to even less.
You need to find a Bernie Taupin not a Cheeky Girls.
In my opinion that is.

I'm possibly the worst lyricist in the world. Seriously.

Thank you Lee for the compliment!
Is that my destiny? Playing alone all my life?

...Ok but I will need (at least) four very pretty girls dancing behind me when I perform live in Nashville!! :D

It didn't harm Robert Palmer, and I don't remember those girls being great musicians :)

Well said Bass. :lol:
Just in case we need reminding..


The girl on the bass is just something else, she sure fine lookin' man.
She even has the 'floppy' hand technique over the body of the bass.

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