Updated pics of my guitar

She's a beaut. I'll be honest, when I opened the email yesterday and saw the pics, my heart skipped a beat and I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I can't wait. Should be at my doorstep in less than 2 weeks.

(I posted the 6 previous pics as well in case there were others that wanted to see them)


NOTE: They ended up using Cedar for the sides, which I was pretty psyched about (the original was going to be Mahogany) because of it's strength and ability to finish & blend w/ Koa (the top & back).

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What up y'all? Been a while, which means I haven't had anything usefull to add, but I did get some updated pics of the guitar, so I figured I'd pop in and say whaddup.

The first 2 are mine, awaiting the installation of the pups/UGB/electronics - the only thing left as of now is the UGB, so there's a chance it may be here by the end of the week! The next 3 are of some other gits they're doing. I can't wait to get her....she looks gorgeous, no? Love the look of the Koa's grain through the finish & stain. I think they've done a mighty fine job. Will MOS DEF post pics & audio when she gets here. Been trying to think of a name for her, but maybe I'll just leave her blank. Can't decide. Not really a big deal, after all. Enjoy!

These next 2 are of a "Wolf" replica (Jerry's guitar in the mid 70's) they're doing for some guy:

This last one is of a "Hollowbody Bolt" they're doing for some other guy:

1bassleft wrote:
I don't usually go for blue-coloured fretboards, myself, but I'll forgive anything in this case.

Shhh! Don't anyone tell 1b, but that's painter's tape on the fretboard! :P

About time we saw some new shots Shake! :)

Looookin good. I've been waiting to see the finished product of this one since day one.

The wood is slightly lighter than the original shots right? I think you said yours was gonna be lighter.

As for that other dudes Bolt. no way.

The koa looks fabulous. Everything about your guitar shouts "quality". Pity about the tape; a blue fretboard was starting to grow on me :wink:

Thanks guys! Here are 2 more I just got today, all wired up ready to go! Not the best pics because they were taken at a weird angle, but still good enough. I am making (or trying to make) a decision about the Unity Gain Buffer and whether or not to install it. Here's what Tim - the luthier - says about it in the email I just received:

"A preamp is advised for long cable runs.  This<br />
would happen with many effects and a large stage.  What it does is<br />
give the effects unity gain.  (or full signal were there is lots of<br />
resistance).  A pre amp does effect the tone of the guitar mostly by<br />
giving it a higher output. (making the guitar louder but not exactly<br />
as clean)  A preamp also means a 9 volt battery.    In my opinion<br />
this guitar sounds great the way it is and the loop will work<br />
effectively for your use with out it.   The general leaning of many<br />
of the guys using effect loops right now is to keep the guitar<br />
natural (no pre amp.)  There is also a few companies making and<br />
outboard unity buffer so it is not in the guitar.  Steve Kimmock is<br />
one of the guys i first saw bypass the whole pre amp thing but still<br />
have the loop.  We just want to be sure before the guitar gets sent<br />
to you.  If you are good we will send.  If you have questions please<br />
shoot me a email.  Thanks again."

So I guess I'm leaning away from installing it, though my onl question, which I'll ask him when he calls back in 10 minutes, is whether or not it would be beneficial in my circumstance. I don't have 50 foot cable runs, but I do have 10 FX on my pedal board.

What do you guys think?

Here are the pics:

Sorry I'm so late getting back to you, Shake. Have you come to a decision? Although I like an active preamp on my basses, they're not so popular for guitar; perhaps for the reason the Resurrection people mention. As I mentioned in your previous thread, Nobels make floor units that would allow you to split your signal into dry/FX/both and buffer them if you wanted.

HST, it's your guitar and if you use the pedal board as part of your rig, you may find it more convenient to have the control onboard. I think it's a call you have to make based on your gut feeling.

Yeah, I think I'm going to pass on the UGB for now, but they are sending it and the wiring schematics up to me anyways in the event that I want to have a tech install it in the future, which is cool. I guess it came down to the fact that I really couldn't make a decision on it one way or another, so I figured better to not have it installed, test out the rig, then make a decision. I've also been briefed on sort of a UGB stomp-box that a guy I know on another forum makes for around $100, so that may be an option too. Sounds like a neat idea - not having it onboard and being able to engage it when I feel is necessary.

Anyways, I spoke w/ Pat this morning & he's shipping it out tomorrow, should be here by Thursday, I hope. What this means is that I won't be leaving the confines of my house - not even for a split second - until that thing gets here. :lol: I can't wait! Can't believe it's actually gonna be here. I can tell I'm not gonna get much sleep this week..... :roll:

I hope you have plenty of Chrissy holidays saved up

And I suppose we won't be hearing from you for a fair number of days, Shake. Unless the news is bad, or unless you have to gloat smugly straight away :D

Looks fab, Shakey!

After all the horrendous guitars on the "Worst..." threads, we need some guitar eye-candy round here!

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