Updated pics of my guitar

She's a beaut. I'll be honest, when I opened the email yesterday and saw the pics, my heart skipped a beat and I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I can't wait. Should be at my doorstep in less than 2 weeks.

(I posted the 6 previous pics as well in case there were others that wanted to see them)


NOTE: They ended up using Cedar for the sides, which I was pretty psyched about (the original was going to be Mahogany) because of it's strength and ability to finish & blend w/ Koa (the top & back).

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She had to be sent back unfortunately - 2 grounds came loose during shipping and I didn't trust anyone else to fix it. She should be here early next week. Bummer, but what can you do?

She is gorgeous though - it looks like she should be on a wall or in a museum. It really is a work of art. From what I did play of her, it was like a dream. It will take me a little bit to get used to, as any new guitar would, but it felt like I was meant to have it, that's for sure. Very light, as expected, and easy playability. The quality of it was pristine - they did a really nice job. I will post more pics (& hopefully audio) when she gets back. And the case they gave me for it effin' phenomonal, it looks like a coffin almost! I half expected to open it up and see a Tommy Gun inside or something - it seriously looks like something out of a mob movie. Thing is a friggin' beast I tell you. Rugged as all hell and custom made to fit the git.

Here are some pics I took that day:

Very nice pics, thanks, shake. Although it's not a major fix, it must be very frustrating to have to send it back almost straight away. Hope you get it back soon and an audio clip would be very welcome :)

Very nice Shakey, i love that double binding.... have i already said that? :lol:

Whaddup y'all! Long time no write - been busy w/ the band and a new job but hope to not be too much of a stranger. My bad. Hope everyone's been well and in good spirits. So we've posted some newer "live practice" clips on our myspace page (myspace.com/heavydime), so wanted to let you know. Gumbo (Phish) & Heroes (Bowie) are the new tracks w/ the new git. Let me know what you think if you want!

Unfortuantely....I am sending the git back. But not before they build me a new one and send it up. After bringing it to a local luthier here recommeneded to me by a couple of well respected guitar friends (very grateful for that) to address some concerns about the quality of construction, he confirmed what I had suspected which was that there were a lot of asthetic defects that a guitar costing this much money should not have. Needless to say, I contacted the original luthier to give him an option of either sending back my money (which I was then going to take and have this new found luthier - Andrew Olsen @ aoguitars.com, check his stuff it's incredible) or building me a new one & I'd hold onto this one until it was done. It's a shame really, because I am in LOVE with the tone and sound of this guitar, it's perfect. It's just there are too many flaws in too many areas (some very minor, some more than obvious) to accept. It's quite devestating and heartbreaking, I'll be honest, but what can I do? It's just I waited soooo long and spent sooo much and my expectations were sooo high....and then to be let down was just awful. I was sick about it for a week or two, and it still gives me a pit in my stomach, but have since come to terms with it, and the original luthier was very apologetic and sympathetic to my unhappiness and offered to do whatever it took to make me happy, so I'm going on and banking on that.

I guess I didn't realize it at first when I posted my initial reviews of it, but after a few days I started disecting it, and honestly became a little embarassed and taken advantage of about the issues since I had paid so much and got something that was less than what it should've been, which may explain one reason why I didn't post my concerns/issues for a while. :oops:

I wanted to get some of your opinions on this situation and what you might do or how you may handle it; it would mean a lot since so many of you have been so helpful in the past with me. Good/bad/ugly = all welcome. Come real. Some I talked to said send it back and get my money back asap because if he/they did injustice the first time around, who's to say the second will be any better. Others say give him a second chance to make it right because he was apologetic and (seemingly) sincere.

Much obliged for reading this and any suggestions/opinions that are garnished here.

Thanks!!! :wink:

Shake, really good to hear from you again, but what a saddening post :cry: I can honestly empathize with how you must feel. I can't really give you any keep/fix/refund advice because, at this level, we're not talking about issues that jump out a mile from a 17" monitor. It obviously looks good from here but, if you can, talk some more about what was wrong in the detail.

I genuinely think that your guitar is one of the best looking instruments ive seen in years, even the tailpiece matches the guitar, the curves are fantastic, the colour stunning, and have i said im in love with the double binding?

Saddened to hear about its construction, what exactly are the problems?

Put up a recording of Sympathy for the devil on your Myspace webpage.
I can see from a setlist you play it, would like to hear your version.

Yeah, Shakey, I echo the above sentiments. The photos made it look like an amazing guitar. Where did it go wrong?

You guys got emails? I can show you what I am talking about in a mass email. My new luthier (Andrew) took a number of pics for me to address all the concerns since his camera was far superior to mine.

Lee, I can see what we can do about a Sympathy, though honestly, I've never thought we covered it all that well. It's quite a lot different than the original as well, but we'll see.

Could you copy me in cos it looks gorgeous to me...be interesting to see what we're missing

No prob guys, if you want to, PM me email address & I can either email the pics or put you on a mass list to view them in photobucket or something. Appreciate the help, thanks.

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