i think i need fret leveling but not sure....

ok, on my first string on the 12th fret, it doesnt play, like it doesnt ring at all. do i need fret leveling? i tried rasing the bridge but it only fixed it if i raised it alot.

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could be neck relief, might need a tweak on the truss rod -enter 1Bassleft.
it may need a new nut, the old one may have been cut too low, it might be cured by putting heavier strings on, if you have recently re-strung it for a lighter set, then this could be te problem.
Does it play perfect past the 12th fret? or before?
have a look down the neck from the head end and look for any frets sticking above the rest, if there is one above the rest it may need reseating or filing down, maybe the whole fretboard would benefit from a dressing or stoning. most of this stuff is best left to the pro's, i wouldnt advise anyone to try stoning or dressing the frets, a nut is not too bad to replace, but if your not sure then take it to someone who is.
Good luck.

its only on the 12th

do the checks i suggested.

GG, when you raised that saddle, did you make a note of how many turns you made?

TBH, messing about with saddle height can cause more problems than it solves. Saddle heights are set to compliment the radius of the fingerboard and often don't need touching unless string guages have been changed. As Lee says, you can check the fret-dressing possibility by looking along the neck.

Before I type a lot of schtoof, can you provide some info? Useful info includes:
Make/model of guitar. Is it a copy of the usual suspects (Fender, Gibson etc)?
Has this been a prob since owning, or have you changed something, like the strings?
Is it just the bass E string affected at the 12th, or are other strings affected here?
Do you see obvious lifting of the fret anywhere, on either side?
Given a choice, would you prefer a slightly thicker E or a bit of work on the instrument?

So far, I suspect that the low E string is too narrow a gauge for the nut. There are other possibles, so the more info the better.

thanks everyone but its fixed now :) it just needed a fret dress

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1bassleft - 0

But did the ball really cross the line :wink: . Glad to hear the problem's solved.

The ref's decision is final, what do you say michael?? was it cleared from the goal line? or did all the ball cross all of the line? :lol:

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