Michael Japan Trip Message

hey guys... just a quick message while i have a few minutes to jump on the net. I`m in Kyoto at the moment. yesterday I visited Hiroshima. It was A very fast moving town from what I expected.

JAPAN is pretty damn cool. Everyone is ultra polite. Today we moved out the way to let someone in a car drive past --- let someone in a car drive past --- and the driver bowed to us as he was driving. amazing.

The place is spotless too. cleabers everywhere. not only that, everyone wears a uniform that looks pretty snazzy.

toilets are of vourse lots of fun. heat, spray, music... what more could you ask for.

I`ll be back in touch when I hit tokyo in a few days hopefully.

Bon jour for Now

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Wow, Mike. Fairly readable considering all those characters on the keyboard :lol: . Sounds great. Do find that samurai guitar...

i see you hit 3000... nice work

Mike, have you checked out the 1980's JV Squier Strats??
Get in there son..

Actually of the guitars I have seen, i`ve not been familiar with most of the brands

I@m also not very familiar with the majority of characters on this keyboard!

You have to get yourself a JV Strat, 1/2 price out there.


£555 is 130,000 yen!! i bet they go there for less than half that and they are a fantastic guitar, great investment.
Also look for Tokai Love rock and Reborn LS-50 and 120's great investment,
over here a 1979 Reborn would go for £950 + i think thats 250,000 yen,
Seek out those guitar shops Mike.

+ thanks for the congrats. I tried to hold off 3k but couldn't shut up.

My cheap airline only allows lunchbox size luggage. I couldn't even smuggle back a midget if i wanted to! I'll investigate shipping costs.

EPS shipping from Japan to Aus is, IIRC, pretty reasonably priced. The problem is, it puts you in the same position as anyone else looking at Fleeb guitars in Japan, unless you happen to find some neglected JV (as Lee says, a must-buy) in a dusty, 2nd hand shop.

What kind of airline is preventing you from sticking a paltry 20kg in the hold? Plenty enough to cover a guitar in a case (to protect it from the baggage gorillas). If your suitcase is taking up your limit, then tip your worn grundies into the Pacific (admittedly, your buttwraps floating in the sea could make Minamata look like a mild stomach upset) and fly back in what you're wearing. Stacey won't hug you on arrival, but you'll have a nice guitar to compensate for your hurt feelings :)

haven't seen Mike in a while, did he make it back from Japan??

If you must know Lee, I injured both of my hands using the Robotic Tuner. Tore them completely off. Thankfully, the Robotic Tuner is now typing this msg for me. I forgive him.

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