What total rubbish product have you bought??

Might be an education to list all the bad gear we have bought and are willing to own up to, OK i'll start off, i once bought 2 VOX distortion pedals from a guitar show, you know what its like you have £30 spare in your pocket and you see a bargain as you are walking out, i paid £30 for a VOX distortion booster and also a valve overdrive pedal, and it was the worst S&%T i have ever bought, i broke one up for its capacitors and stuck the other on ebay, it went for £55 and the guy loved it, but to me it was horrible and fizzy, Once bought an Epi casino which played quite nice til you tried to gig with it, it was like a howling wolf in the band. I also got some of those little Danelectro pedals, i bought 4 of them, a reverb, chorus, digital delay, and a tremelo, and they were very bad, they sucked the tone right out of the guitar, again i bought them without playing them on the spur of the moment, never again.

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I own a Fender Squire Strat... need I say more??? Of course, it was an xmass preasant so the price wuz right :) :mrgreen:

I can think of worse guitars than the Squier Strat, Bass has a couple of 'Horrors' in the attic, just dont ask him to creak open the latch, Ebay could be flooded with Dusty old Duffers from years past, with twisted necks and worn down frets.



The worst piece of equipment I purchased was an electronic chord generator - essentially a calculator type doobery that displays a pictorial representation of any chord that you can't fathom out yourself.

You can't see the display in any room lighting as it floods the screen with flare.

The batteries are gobbled up in seconds.

It takes ages to work through the daft screen options to arrive at the key and type of chord you want displayed.

I gave it to my dog to chew.

Lee, the Hondo is up there. In my defence (and I'm scratching around here :) ), ya hafta imagine a lefty bass player in the early 80s. It was the first damned thing I'd seen under month's-wages money. An absolutely awful plank, though. If I ever fleeb it, I promise to let you know so that you can hit my face with a wet fish and do that Zola (Emile, not Gianfranco) "J'accuse" thing :wink:

Other than the "Bass that dare not speak its name", I have to put the Peavey Max 100 floor pedal in the POS category. Sounded alright on 'phones in the shop, and it's certainly rugged. Doubtless, Peavey reckoned a few owners would hurl it against a wall inside a week and claim a refund under warranty.

The DSP side is fine, there are some useable patches, but there are 95 duff presets too. Worse, the 'transtube' was designed by someone with severe tinnitus whose mate blu-tacked a seashell to his good ear. Absolutely incredible hiss. Not just the stuff that makes the recording engineer tut, but real "snake from Jungle Book" noise. Whereas the DSP can be bypassed, the preamp torture can't. Another "hit me if I fleeb it" donkey.

I defy anybody to put a defence on the Hondo II, as Daft Wader used to say, 'Resistance is futile' (hope Wasp isnt around to see that one, he was probably an extra in the 'A New Hope' as a Ewok).
Ive never even heard of that Peavy pedal but it certainly sounds like a real duffer.

About 25 years ago I "upgraded" from a 60 watt Yamaha solid state amp to a 100 watt Music Man tube amp. At the time they had Clapton endorsing them. I regretted it the first time I used it in rehearsal. I could never get the thing to sound good -- no warmth at all. The solid state was much better and easier to carry.

Did he use a music man amp?? probably just put his tag on it for the payout, bit like that pedal he has endorsed, while im here i'll put another product in the bag marked 'Old Duffers' and thats my old Bheringer V-Amp it was the version 1 and it was truely awful, just goes to show, the best looking sweeties dont always taste the best.

Phew! Thanks, Lee. The V-amp comes up on Fleeb with 'temptingly' low prices - now I know. On the Max 100, I did a 'it stinks' review on HC and it's not just me. Someone actually put up a mod to get rid of the hiss. Excellent post but I can't help thinking why didn't Peavey do this?

AFAIK (haven't played one) the Musicman amps were SS preamps with a valve power amp. It can work for bass, but it's not a great setup for guitar. Apparently, the earlier versions with a valve phase inverter sound better. I can't comment. They fetch unrealisticly high money for checking out as an experiment. Incidentally, the amp side of MM had no input from Leo whatsoever.

not played the vamp 2, but the version 1 is quite bad, but then i suppose you get what you pay for, and you get an awful lot of hardware for your £70.

In GuitarWorld magazine, I kept seeing these ads for something called a Jellifish. Basically, it was a regular pick, but with these little metal prongs at the tip. In the advertisement, it said that within 5 minutes, I could make my guitar "sound like a dulcimer, a 12-string guitar, a music box, and more!" So I figured "What the hey, I'll buy one."

Not only is it impossible to make ANY different sounds with the Jellifish (not to mention a normal guitar sound) I found the little metal tines were scratching my strings up and actually damaging them. I guess it was only $10, but still -- NEVER BUY A JELLIFISH.

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