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I've been playing bass for some time now and feel the time is right for a new bass.
My current bass is a olp mm2.
my price range is from 1000-2000$ ish
I want something that I can use on "stage" and in the "studio"
I play everything from steely dan songs to strokes to dmb...
Your suggestions are all welcome

i have a 180w behringer bass amp ;) in case anyone wondered... in studio theres a better one but i dont remember the name... 6000$ range atleast edit2: its a sweetass Ampeg Classic SVT Stack

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Thanks for the update (and nice new avatar, BTW). The SVT is a great live rig. I thought the OLP had basic tone knob electronics rather than any complex cut/boost treble, mid and bass thing. If you were struggling to get a likeable tone, then the OLP pup must be letting you down.

As I said before, the Musicman Stingray and the Ric 4003 have very distinctive (I like them, but the keyword is distinctive) sounds. Try the US Jazz and, as Tim suggests, a good quality PJ style bass; preferably plugged into an Ampeg. I thought you were in the US, where those GC-type stores make it easy to try the options. Still, Oslo's a big city and you should get the chance to try your options for the money you want to spend.

The Jazz has a single coil quite close to the neck which gives a warm and soft tone I like. The bridge pup can be dialled in for more attack and honk. On a PJ, the Jazz pup is at the bridge and the P is in its usual, middish position. This is a more punchy, attacking arrangement (especially if you use plectrum). You'll find out yourself which suits you better. The 'ray and the Ric are bright and punchy but this can go very well with the Ampeg and harder rock. Active electronics can be worth trying because a 20db bass boost really does change the sound coming out. A lot depends on what music you're playing.

Glad the gig went well.

Also glad (in a sick kinda way) someone else can't be bothered with the knob new set up will be PJ pups, 3-way switch, master volume. any aditional tone adjustments I can make with my right hand.

On standard rigs I basically would second 1BL but I would lean more towards the PJs, try a few...try active too, don't like it myself for practical reasons but sound-wise it can help cut through if that's your concern.

Tim (annoyingly often) makes a good point.

Because the bass (IME) doesn't sustain forever and keeps you busier, rhythmically, than the usual guitar, there's not a lot of time for knob-fannying in the middle of a song. I envy those gitists who strike a chord then fiddle with the V+T, switch pups, floss their teeth and pick their nose. For me, I have half a sec at most. Quickest way to change tone? Move/alter the plucking hand (right in his case, left in mine). Nail or plec directly over the pup for most attack and treble, thumbpad close to or over the neck for opposite effect. Pup switches and knobs come in handiest if the set is pretty varied and you can twiddle at the start to suit a particular song's feel.

That's just me, though. Some people can twist their knurled knobs in the blink of an eye and hit the spot. I can't, I mustard mitt.

I'm more concerned about shitty wiring... pupwise ill find my way some day. But until then i need something that wont die on stage. I had the cover of london calling on my mind during soundtests... hehe
seems like my band and me have evolved to a level where the gear is the bottleneck not our fingers.

Btw I'm kinda looking for a new guitar for the lead guitarist.. Strat and tele are out of the picture. and it must be shiny (girl) :D

Especially if you've got gigs lined up, consider having a tech ditch the ancillaries and replace them with a Switchcraft jack and CTS pots, with decent soldering and wire. Not usually necessary on a US-made bass, but it can do wonders with Korean gear. As for a chick-tar, I'm not an expert, but you can't get shinier than a mirror-fronted Iceman.

Case closed :D
Midnight Blue Rickenbacker 4003 in my hands right now :D:D:D:D

Nice choice. I'd like one myself but I play 5-string mostly. Ric used to make a fiver but, IIRC, with the same 33" scale neck. My low B flobbles on 34" (some go for 35" scale on a five) so 33" might be a prob. Only ever seen one lefty fiver for sale. I do like the Ric sound, though and have some pups of theirs. I might put them in something one day.

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