Guitar maintenance electric multi-tool?! anyone interested?

Hi guys

I am currently studying for a degree in product design at Bournemouth university, and my final year project is to design a guitar multi-maintenance tool.

The product will be electrically powered with a rotating end to perform certain tasks as rapid machine head unwinding/re-winding, screw driver ends, cleaning pads etc.

Is there a possibility you could fill out my short qustionnaire? it would be greatly appreciated and would help me a lot. cheers guys.

all the best

Darren England



Favoured brand (generally)?
B.C Rich

How regular do u change guitar strings (at work and personal) – averagely?

Twice a week
Once a week
Once every 2 weeks
Once a month
Less than once a month

Would you be interested in using a hand operated automated electronic rapid guitar maintenance multi-tool?


If answered yes to the previous question how much would you be willing/expect to purchase the product for?


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Who the hell would change strings everyday??

Thats the point in a questionnaire, to find out what people do/dont do, and in this case i may find no one changes strings everyday

A guy (or person, sorry :oops: ) in a guitar shop, it does say at work and personal.

Who the hell works in a guitar shop?

Lee, you are being facetious :P ; the questionnaire is an important part of a design project.

Darren, have a thunk about what you want your multi-tool to do. On a guitar, there are fine (rotation) tunings required such as bridge saddle height, truss rod, pickup height and tuning machines. Then there are rapid requirements like getting the neck screws, pickguard screws out or unwinding the tuners for string replacement. Different jobs (and the latter would appeal mostly to road techs and store techs).

I suggest you ditch Behringer and Boss from your Q, as they are primarily involved in amps and effects, not guitars. If you want your tool to handle rapid detuning, then have a close look at the major players in machine heads; Schaller, Grover, Gotoh, Kluson etc. Consider whether to specialize in a guitar tool or whether bass machines (and their widely varying dimensions) are worth the effort.

Good luck with your project; keep us updated.

Quality advice from 1b.

I need reassurance this thing isn't like the nut removers used by a pit stop crew. Am I getting a head of myself?

Funny you should say that, Mike. A bunch of crash-helmeted, McLaren string removers in the pits at Denmark Street did cross my mind. It's the tricky part of designing a multi-tool that doesn't end up only doing one job...

hey guys

yeh your right B1, thats pretty much everything i want to include in the tool, as a guitarist myself, these are the maintenance problems i wana solve with an easy to use product and im planning on it having several adaptor ends to perform these specific jobs.

im definately guna look into the possibilty for the tool to be used with basses, but at the moment i agree with your point.

cheers for your advice guys its greatly appreciated.

You're very welcome, Darren. Good luck with your design project and keep us posted here; we'd be interested to see how it develops. As you've reckoned; bass tuners could be a real problem for tooling. Most guitar machines are in a similar width, thankfully.


Take a look at for a robotic tuning action.

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