A new modest instrumental sample

Hello all
I've not been posting for a while.
This is a new modest idea recorded a few hours ago.
An interesting tuning : EADGBB.

(Two guitar tracks)

Do I add a bass line?

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I'm in a hotel and the speaker on this PC is not very loud, Guy, but it's another nice piece. The only thing that is modest is your opinion of your playing.

Add a bassline? Why not, seeing as there is already a drum track. Something restrained nd not fussy, just backing up what's there.

That is a nice piece, very melodic, nice playing too.
1bassleft, I think i can hear a Bass line on there, your speakers probably can't pick it up.
It would be good to hear some of these tracks played live with a real band, a decent drummer could really do wonders with it, add a good bass player and i would really lift the tune.

Very good effort though Acoustica.

and i would really lift the tune

Lee, I can put up with the way you don't capitalize your first-person pronoun, but bragging that your playing would make such an improvement is a bit much :wink:

On this internal speaker, it half sounded like bass was there, but I couldn't be sure if it wasn't the lower strings on the acoustic being picked. Let us know, Guy. By Sunday, I'll be able to have a proper listen.

surely not me on the first-person pronoun??
My grammar is shocking, but it's no where near as bad as your internal speakers!!

Somebody at the hotel has turned up the speaker volume. There is no bassline; there are two guitar tracks and the electronic drumtrack. This would definitely benefit from a four-string player with the right touch.

Are you stepping into the spotlight bass? :lol:

I'm a 5-string player with the wrong touch :lol:

I can certainly hear a nice bass in my head as I play back the clip. I am terribly old-skool ignorant about mp3 and the like, though. HST, the bass is so obvious for this; anyone with any sensibility for the tune would put something down that's right for it. It's about supporting the guitar that's there; not slapping funkalicious lines all over it.

Thanks my friends!!

A bass line (with slaps) coming soon.

Bass line added by a friend.Any opinion?
Thanks in advance!!


Back on top form, leaving the synth behind is a real bonus. i like this one.

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