Looking for a decent beginners guitar

hi, I am just looking for a decent quality guitar for beginners, and I was wondering if you guys give me a few hints to help me out.

My friend recommended this guitar by Washburn brand for me.

I also found another Washburn acoustic guitar that comes with a case

which one do you guys recommend?
feedbacks please :D

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Wait for others on her to comment before you buy, but for me the 2nd guitar looks far better than the first.
Solid spruce top, Mahogany back, neck, and sides and rosewood fingerboard is a classic combination of woods.
The first one has a Laminated? Mahogany top, im not sure about Mahogany for a top, Spruce is much more resonant.
Plus you get a hard case with the 2nd one, and the 2nd one looks the nuts. (IMHO).

Im sure there will be lots of other comments.
You could also check out Harmony central for user comments, but all you seem to get on there are people with a grudge or people that won't admit they have bought a pup.

Are you open for other Acoustic guitar makes? or are you set on Washburn?

Oh and good to see you on the forum.

i dont have much experience with guitars, so i suppose im open with any brands, not just Washburn.

So do you think the 2nd one seems good? I've read reviews on both of them, and both of them have good reviews.

feedbacks would be nice :D

Come on people CHIP IN!!
Sorry about this Newguitar07 there are usually a few others about.

Heres my opinion, if you are going to spend up to $250 then spend it on a used guitar, get one on ebay, you will save half your money.
a recent example here:

Ive read some good reviews on this one:

Takamine are good for beginners as they tend to have a low action (string height) makes for easier playing on the fingers, this one has no pickup inside, so its a plain old acoustic, again its got the solid spruce top, mahogany back, sides and neck, and a rosewood fingerbaord.

well I'm not a big fan of ebay unfortunately :(
What do you think about the first one though? (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Washburn-D100DL-Acoustic-Guitar-with-Gig-Bag?sku=513382 )

The one with 150 dollars.. would it be good enough for a beginner you think?

I seem to have missed this thread... but I had this just discussion on the weekend re beginner acoustics. We both decided on Cort being an ideal beginner choice with room to develop.

Now I dunno what sort of budget you have, but I'd stay away from bottom of the barrel priced acoustics even for a newbie. They are fine for bulk purchases at schools and what not, but you can do better if you go a little higher.

Or Lee offers good advice re the eBay route. It just takes a little bit more time and that extra bit of research.

newg, first of all I have to say my advice comes not from a great acoustic player (I'm not). My interest is in woods and hardware, if you like "what am I getting for my money?"

The D100DL seems, on the face of it, to be a lot of dreadnought for the money. I absolutely and totally agree with the opinion of spending this sort of money on a no-gimmicks, decent starter rather than those "packs" with free strap, plectrum, booklet and other rubbish that are worthless and detract from the main instrument (some laminated cardboard, Plasticene-tunered cack to make up the profit margin). It's way ahead of those, but it's something I'd prefer to hear before buying. Mahogany back, sides and top is a bit unusual. It's a fairly dense, close grained and oily wood so I would expect it to be warmer (bassier) and a bit more compressed than its (brighter, spruce-topped) competitors. Not worse; just noticeably different, I'd've thought.

I took a little time on a comparison of the dreads (I'm assuming that the dread size suits you, and a piezo pickup for amplification isn't a major issue - going by your two top choices) on Musician's Friend. I looked at the price range from just above the D100DL to the D10S and drew up this list of likelies:


for the record, Cort acoustics in the price range don't seem to be stocked by MF. I'm not going to pretend that I'm an expert but, purely from the raw materials, I'd make the D10S the standard to judge others by. It's also a dread that has sold in HUGE numbers and received excellent reviews even at its higher price. Until fairly recently, MF was one of the few that offered it at $250 but now many do. I suggest trying one for real in your local (if they don't stock a D10S I'd be surprised).

The only crit I do see regularly is that the OEM strings are rubbish. That's a matter of a few bucks. If you don't like eBay (and I can understand your feeling), then bear in mind that saving $20 by buying an acoustic by mail-order isn't always a good idea either. Too many variables; does it sit right, does your hand wrap around the neck and feel comfortable etc etc? Trying a real guitar in a real store may not be much pricier and the price could include real benefits like someone's actually set it up, instead of just running a knife over the boxtape. Maybe they'll offer to re-string it with some nice wire at parts cost only. Talk to them, see what they say (and try some other guitars in the price range, of course).

1b's advice to maybe spend a bit extra at a guitar shop who will set it up properly is something to take note of.

Otherwise, I'd take the Washburn off that list.

From 1basslefts list at MF, i would not go for Fender or Epiphone, ive heard too many bad ones, Fenders are very hit or miss, play one and it sounds like a dream, and the next one is a duffer.
I never have liked Epiphone acoustics, although the spec on that one looks OK apart from a suspect laminate top, laminate is ok if you have an electro acoustic, (pickup system onboard the guitar which allows you to plug it into a PA or Amp) but the cedar/spruce solid top plays far better acoustically.
I would drop Bass's choice of Takamine for the same reason, the laminate top i find not as tonal as a solid top, (The Takamine i advised you on was a solid spruce top).
I know nothing about 'Dean' acoustics so i can't comment, that leaves your original 2nd choice, the more expensive Washburn, with hard case.
I'd go for that one.
Leave the Mahogany top Washburn.
I told you a couple of people would reply.........eventually. :lol:

For a beginner guitar, an Epi acoustic would be okay I'd think. For $169.99, the AG 200 isn't that bad a deal.

What about an Epi Hummingbird? Sure we open up a whole new price range. But that's the fun part.

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