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I've just been noodling around with recording qualities for uploading, I put the results on Myspace (21 seconds!) as a test. I was then going to delete it but figured, what the hey, I may as well let those of you who are quick enough have a listen first.

Bare in mind the lower line was improvised and is very rough and the whole sample was hacked of the end of something else (hence the 'beginning')

I'm not happy with the sound of the lower bass (which is partly what I was testing for...) And, on top of all that, I get major lag when recording and have to shuffle tracks back into place, not ideal really!

The track is 2 layers of my electric bass plugged straight into my sound card (Terratec DMX 6fire) I've been trying out some 'Wedgie' rubber plectrums that I found on ebay, supposed to get rid of all pick noise (these are heavy guage stainless strings, gives you some idea of the difference they make).

Also, If you recognise the melody please let me know, I don't think I've nicked it...

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hmm, quite a few Myspace hits within 15 minutes...just in case anyone was thinking of posting their demos on here...

Interesting pick, i can't hear any clacking sounds you associate with plectrum on bass, post up the ebay page you got them from, others may want to look.
And i didn't recognise the tune Tim.

The track was played with a 3.1mm hard pick, I'm going to try the 5mm next, but obviously I'm a bass player. The picks are aimed at classical players I think and they are quite slow of the strings, might be a problem for the widdlers out there.

I tend to be a bit odd in my pick choice for a bass player anyway, my usual pick is a .88mm Nylon from Jim Dunlop, softer than some guitarists use!

Not nicked melody, AFAIK. I do have a .88 nylon Dunlop, but I prefer the .73 for most of my plecplay. I know what you mean; Pulp were a bit surprised I used such a light gauge on bass (nice bit of name-dropping I did there) but it comes in very handy for alternate picking. The .66 is too wibbly-wibbly, like those plastic pint glasses you get in rough nightclubs.

HST, MightyModMike sent me a bunch of plecs over and I think I like a few of them. I like the "bobbled" Dunlops because smooth plecs just fall out of my fingers in front of giglights. I am a sweaty git. Those picks the thickness of a 2p coin just don't appeal to me at all, even though bassists tend to go for them.

Yeah, I actually use a .73, like a numpty I picked up the one .88 I own. They are good for alt picking which is most of mine.

I can't hold on to Delrin/gel/etc plecs at all nevermind on stage! I've told you before about the little rivulets running down my bass, that's just jamming at home!

For a more edgy sound I use a black (1mm) Nylon. I did use yellow Tortex but for some reason they pivot through 90 degrees as I play so I end up using the side and making a kind of 'kaffffup' noise, not good.

I've been working quietly with the gitist (and not even much of that, recently) and tended to use my thumbpad or finger. I haven't used a plec in ages. HST, I dug through the collection that Mike sent me and the one I like is a "Thin Pick". It has a thickness of only 0.6 but is quite hard plastic. Crucially for me, there is a blue, grippy bit where the index and thumb would hold. I must try it out. Although thinner than my usual Dunlop, it is a much stiffer material than Dunlop's nylon.

The thickness of a plec is only one piece of info; a lot depends on how it flexes when stressed. It's like power steering; I want something that gives enough "feel" without being either sluggish or uncontrollable. It's a very personal choice - I doubt I'd answer a "which plec is best for me" thread :)

Yeah, like I say these rubber pics are 3.1mm and you can get fives but even the hard one is about as bendy as my nylon (grey)

Sadly, I could talk plecs for a while this rubber jobby is the latest find in a long search for 'My Perfect Plectrum'

One of my best was homemade out of a credit card with the plastic llaminate pealed of both sides, same size and shape as a dunlop...

I am a bit sad though! :oops:

Recycling! You and Al Gore can jam together Tim.

I like them. Very durable.

Very poor APR on that plectrum, though. I know ones that can offer 0% balance transfers on E right through to G until July 2008 and an introductory rate of 7.9% on new strings for three months.



Unfortunately. I dropped it in the corner outside my flat that everybody uses to vomit/pee/etc in (my frontdoor is behind a pub) so I didn't bother rescuing it. :cry:

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