I can't find ANYTHING about this guitar...

Morris Hurricane Equinox-2

Except a few people who are asking the same questions as me. Its a black electric with red fret dots. I found an old post of someone looking for one that lead me to believe its pretty old, like 20+ years. Can anyone help? :?


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Is it one of these lads:

Edit: sounds like Morris Hurricanes came in a variety of body styles according to the "reviews" on this page: http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews55169.html

There was a Morris Tornando brand too, which were acoustic guitars.

Hey DRockMonolith,

I've got a couple of thoughts concerning your guitar.

First, a bit of background you may or may not know.

Morris is one of the trade names used by the Moridaira company. Moridaira is a OEM Manufacturer that began operations in Japan and then moved to Korea. They are known for producing entry and intermediate level electric and acoustic instruments although they no longer produce solid body guitars.

Looking at the photo supplied by GLW suggests to me your guitar is mid 80's and built in Korea. Here's what I'm thinking. To my knowledge, the first builder to produce this "star" shape was Charvel San Dimas in 1981. By 1983, Hondo had copied the shape and was producing their own star model. I have the 1983 Morris catalog posted on VintAxe so I took a look and there are no Morris star models pictured. They are still selling pretty conventional looking instruments.

So, my conclusion is that Morris began marketing their star shaped guitar after Hondo which I would guess would be around 1984-85.

Plenty of conjecture here, but it is my best guess. A look at the headstock would be very informative. sb

Sorry, just realized GLW's post was a question, not a picture of an instrument like yours.

If yours isn't star shaped, disregard anything I said except for the background on Morris-Moridaira. sb

I was about to smugly post that Morris was a brand of the Moridaira concern, but SB beat me to it with more info and no smugness. I saw an eBay ad that said Moridaira made the CMI guitars for Jim Marshall. I'm trying to check out this story.

Thanks for all the info thus far, guys. Mine doesn't look quite like that though. :) Here are some pics of her if it helps at all...

I'm not much help, but I would say the 2nd photo looks very cool, dRock. Any photos of me playing, I always look like a bicycle-seat-sniffer.

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