Vintage C.M.I. tube guitar / bass amp SG-610

My son wants me to sell his vintage Tube Guitar / Bass amplifier. Model is a C.M.I. SG-610 system. Trying to find a value on this old rascal. Mint cond, he got it from my brother who purchased it in late 60's early 70's. Cant find a thing on values in my Orions books or any where online. Cabinet is perfect and houses 4 x 12 speakers. Not sure on brand, didnt open cab up. Any help out here on a ballpark value ? ,thanks


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    I've never seen one on ebay go for more than a few hundred dollars. I have a model with just 1 15 inch speaker and I gave $100 for it. I haven't looked on there in a while and I don't recall ever seeing that particular model but 1bassleft may chime in here.He's interested in these :P

    Funny that the cab houses 4x12"s, as SG Systems usually named their gear precisely and the model name indicates 6x10" drivers. Maybe the baffle board and drivers were replaced at some time.

    This Standel head has been doing the rounds for ages:

    and, although his BIN has dropped to $600, no-one has ever placed a starting $300 on it on previous listings. Knowledge on these is pretty limited, but here's some reviews of the SG410:

    and, for valuation, somewhere around $200 is my guess although it may be worth more to you. Does it have the 8417 power valves or have they been changed to 6550s or KT90s?

    Here's a 610 with the original 6x10"s on Fleeb. Watch closely...

    1bassleft wrote:
    Here's a 610 with the original 6x10"s on Fleeb. Watch closely...

    Wow! Went for $355 . Most I've seen any go for.

    Yes, higher than usual, myfoot. Maybe the 6x10" speakers did it but I'm a firm believer in listing an amp cheap and holding your nerve. If it had been listed with a $300 start, it probably wouldn't have got any bids (or just one).

    $355 is a good price for these, indeed! I wrote the most recent SG-410 review on Harmony Central and realize that as much as I like the amp, I know I wouldn't get more than $300 or $400 for it, even now that it's restored to like-new condition. Since SGs weigh in at 100 pounds plus, shipping charges are prohibitive, effectively limiting the potential market to primarily local buyers.

    But if you can pick one up for a good price, I'd say go for it. Just be aware that if the power tubes need to be replaced, 8417s are hard to come by. I've read that the 8417s have the power of 6550s with drive requirements less than a 6L6GC and that a conversion to another tube is possible, but some power may be lost.

    Warning: Don't try to hoist it into the old minivan by yourself, either! :shock:

    Good of you to check in, Geezer :)

    Apart from the weight and no "famous user" status, I think the solid-state preamp also helps to keep the prices lower. I have two such hybrids and, although they're fine for bass, I think a valve preamp is a big improvement for guitar.

    As you say, 8417s are pretty much only found on eBay (at high prices, too) and that's a risky business. I bought a joblot of audio valves and an 8417 was among them; I've kept it in the hope that I'll have an amp that I can stick it in (Lee's Univalve would do it, of course). Fortunately, setting up the CMI for the readily-available 6550 and KT88 types is pretty straightforward although these valves are not cheap even from Eastern European sources.

    I was fortunate to win a bid on three NOS RCA 8417s on eBay ($70!). Two of them checked out fine. Then I found a 12AX7A, also on eBay, to complete the tube array.

    Many thanks to you for your posts beginning in March of 2006. The Cleartone vs Chicago Musical Instruments discussion got me pointed in the right direction with research, and I'm still collecting information on these amps.

    In fact, just today I came across a CMI Electronics/SG Systems thread on another forum (StringDancer) and posted a quick reply there. The previous poster had even included a link to your original thread:


    Hello Doug,

    $70 for a decent pair of 8417s is doing very well; nice score. I'm glad the original CMI thread helps people out. I must confess I've seen things recently that I never got around to uploading. I've seen a few "Cleartone" CMI guitars with set-necks, which definitely suggests, high-end Japanese manufacture. A couple of Chicago CMI instruments, too; including a violin and a banjo. The Standel amps have, mainly, been variations on the 8417powered amps with the solid-state, phaser etc preamp. I always keep an eye out, though, and welcome contributions from anyone interested in these marques.

    That Stringdancer thread (thanks for the headsup) starts with a six-channel mixer bought for $5. The man did well; I have a (dead, now) link on pg 2 to a Standel CMI 6-mixer that sold on FleebUS for $167 - 32x what the Stringdancer poster paid for his :)

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