Worst Xmas songs ever

I think Billy Idol deserves some sort of recognition for his take on Jingle Bell Rock


even if it is just a clobbering

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I wonder if that's worse than Aly and AJ's version. At least Billy looks like he knows he's just dumped a load of plop onto vinyl. But the girls are prettier. Hmmm, hard to decide. Not wanting to hijack Michael's thread, a new "worst Christmas song" thread would be worth a laugh. Some stinkers over the years...

Thread now split.

Oh, thanks for making me look up who Aly and AJ were 1b. Thanks.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=9PJhZUUKEeI for everyone else.

Shouldn't be long before "Mistletoe and Wine" gets nominated. Being a less obvious type, I nominate this pan o'shite singularly devoid of any nugget:


Shakin' Stevens is a criminally bad mimer (check any of his promo vids if you can stand it), a sub-sub-sub Elvis wannabe and, most of all, reeks of insincerity. Nasty jumper, too.

I'd give my right arm for that jumper. It's like he sewed it using Bill Cosby. Amazing.

As catchy as Shakin's Merry Xmas Everyone is, it is cringe worthy.


Mariah's All I want for xmas. That's a carol I can get behind.


Excellent choice, Mike. Despite her undoubted ability at manipulating vocal cords, Mariah has to be the out-and-out thickest singer I've ever seen. She doesn't understand a single word that she sings off the autocue. That Xmas earache is not the best example, though; consider Without You.

Full of pathos, both of the song's writers committed suicide and the original Badfinger version has an honesty, if no decent production:

Harry Nilsson understood the song completely and made it a classic (I vaguely remember the original 1972 promo and it wasn't this ghastly, "Cadbury's Flake" video)

then along comes Mariah (OK, tons of others have duffed the song up). She co-produces this nightmare and, worse still, has a HUGE, Europe-wide, #1 hit with it. Watch the "live" (not) vid and her "I listened to this song as a little girl; it made me cry" intro before she goes all stage-school.

Count yourself lucky, Mariah. Harry had a fatal heart attack just before your release; I suppose you sent him an advance copy.

Whoops. Mariah-rant over. Back to Strictly Duff Xmas-songs :oops:

I thought you were gonna badmouth Badfinger for a minute. Phew!.

Mariah also hammed up I'll Be There.

As for a good chrissy tune: Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping


Was Cliff's 'Millenium Prayer' a christmas song? or just new year?

That's the worst song in the entire history of time, the first thing ever to belly-flop it's way onto land probably expelled somthing better from it's newly-evolved butt. IMO.

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