Laney Amp cut out during song!

Hi guys, was band practising tonight and my amp just died during a song, no blowing up or on fire, just died.

I changed the Plug Fuse and still no luck, opened the amp and there is no obvious signs of damage, like anything burnt or such.

Any ideas?

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what kind of amp is it?

Check the cable. Output jack on the guitar? A lot of amps have a high voltage fuse inside the chassis. If you are uncomfortable being around high voltage ( the capacitors can store 500 volts even when unplugged) have a tech check it out

Its a Laney World Series 120tr.

Its not the power cableor fuses. think its transistor but not too sure.

You can go to this site and ask some of the techs who frequent that site your question. There are some really talented folks there. You'll have to register but it's free.Good luck

EDIT: Make sure to post what you've tried already to speed things up such as different cables guitars changed fuses etc..

It could well be the on/off flickswitch. With a solid-state amp, total failure is much more difficult to diagnose. Probably best to take it to a store that'll check it over for a fixed price, won't fix anything pricey without asking you first, agreement.

Here's his post from the link I posted above

Hi guys, my Laney amp cut out while playing last night, no burning or blown up or that, just died.
Changed the fuse in the plug but no joy.
Checked the amp fuses with multimeter and they are fine.
I checked the wires connected to the power input and switch and cant get a reading.
Any ideas? Thanks. .

Here's the reply
Sure. Bad power cord, bad power switch, bad fuse holder, broken connection or cracked solder, etc. If mains voltage does not get to the power transformer primary, nothing else will happen

I would think if there is no power thru the power cord then that is probably bad. Be interesting to know what he found out.

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