Hi There...

The Mailman just delivered me The Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller Pedal.

Now, I'm wondering how set up things in order to use the FCB1010 to control software amp simulators (e.g. KI Multimedia AmpliTube, SimulAnalog Guitar Suite, etc.).

Thanks In Advance...

toni S / Finland.

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welcome to the board, Toni although I'm afraid I can't help :cry: I'm not very good with midi-thingies and have never seen it. Now the holidays are pretty much over, I'm hoping a techier regular or a passer by can chime in to help.

Im sure Behringer MIDI products are great, and i don't often give out a goverment warning on pedals, but... Behringer compact pedals, and the Vamp1 and 2 are absolute S**t, ive had 2 Behringer pedals break down on me while gigging, one was a 'Booster' pedal, which caused my whole setup to grind to a halt, and one was a blues driver pedal which suddenly decided to start a hight pitched whistle, only marginally more annoying than the actual 'blues overdrive' tone. bought a Vamp years ago and it was terrible, but they are very cheap, and i suppose you get what you pay for.

I have some experience with MIDI pedals and Behringer. My reply is simply "GOOD LUCK!" I have a Behringer rackmount effects processor DSP2024. I wanted to use it with a midi pedal i have, made by ART, the X-15. The hassle I had trying to get them to talk totally put me off Behringer. I wont buy anything from those losers again! (I did have a previous bad experience with a small Behringer mixer as well.)
When they wouldn't talk, I contacted both manufacturers. It took B. weeks of repeated questions just to get them to respond correctly. Their program (not people!) couldn't parse my question properly and kept giving answers to questions I didn't ask. Then their final reply was that "it works with our (over-priced) pedal" (so buy one). So they posted my problem on their board and claimed it 'solved'. What freakin nerve!
With ART, on the other hand, I got a response almost immediately. A real person emailed me! Even tho the pedal had not been in production for years, I was treated like a valuable customer! He was even willing to open their archives and pull out the internal timing specs if I needed that info. We COMMUNICATED while I tried to figure the problem out.
At that point I bought a MIDI interface to my Mac and watched what was actually going on in the bus. Turns out that Behringer uses a non-standard bank-select protocol in their interface. This makes them incompatible with most other pedals out there and probably makes their pedals incompatible with other equipment. I can give the tech details but if you are trying to access program channels above the first 128 - forget it. Behringer screwed us all. Now I will be selling off my Behringer processor and NEVER BUYING THEIR GRAP AGAIN ! Any company that thinks the meaning of 'customer-service' is only to try to get us to buy more of their trash is black-balled in my book.
Sorry to rain on your hopeful parade but I figure a word of warning is better than seeing others go thru the same BS they gave me.
BS - ha - ya Behringer Systems - the meaning of BS

Good to hear of real-world experiences, especially of after-sales service as it can make all the difference but it can't be covered in the reviews.

I have to say I have side-stepped a few B. pedals in the pawn-shops since reading Lee's post. (There does seem to be loads in there at the minute...I'm sure it's not all Lee's doing...)

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