what was 1BL doing in 1993?

I am disgracefully un-mpeggy and not au fait with all the latest tech. Besides, when my old band, sub rosa recorded in 1993, it was on Fostex 1/4" tape. Nothing wrong with that, but I didn't even have CD-burning capability so I ended up with a cassette tape (remember those?)

Anyhoo, I've simply played it through my deck and stuck a WAV recorder in front of the speaker. You can hear the wobble of the device as I pressed the record button. To me, the quality sounds a bit shi'ite but I am using a laptop to listen back. Let me know if it sounds cack to you and I'll try a re-record.


The song is called "This".

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You can hear everything, got the 'bathroom effect' but thats no suprise really.

It's like what I was listening to in '93, had I been old enough I could've come to see you play... :)

I like it Bass, nice guitar work, it reminds me of something but i can't place it.
Did you record in a studio or in a home studio?
What guitar was your guitarist using?

Thanks for the comments, Lee + Tim.

It was recorded at Lancaster Music Co-op's studio in, erm, Lancaster. They had an 8-track Fostex setup. We'd used them a few times and this was the last as sub rosa (there is a Difference Engine recording I might be able to dig out). Our usual trick was to live-dump the instrumentals for as many as six songs in one go, as we're reasonably tight - or not fussy, depending on your viewpoint. That'd be on a Saturday, then Sunday we spent putting down the main vox (Chris), b-vox (mine and Chris) and perhaps some additional guitar. We'd then spend the rest of Sunday mastering it down to DAT (remember Digital Audio Tape?), which Chris kept, and a chrome cassette copy. I only have a chrome copy of the chrome sub-master.

The Co-op hired out a nice Sonex drumkit for £10, which was a good thing as Justin had an awful £299 bunch of biscuit tins. HST, the Sonex came with Zildjian Ks which I completely disliked so I splashed out (see what I did there? :lol: :roll: ) on brighter Paistes for Justin. My bass at that time was the trusty Aria into the CMI 100. This had no DI (being a vintage valve thingy) and we were short of mics but we rigged up something that plugged into the speaker-out and didn't blow up when connected to the deck.

Jason did the "lead" guitar on a VERY red Mexican Strat through a Valvestate 40W combo. The rhythm guitar, holding most of the melody even though distorted, was Chris on a Jap RI Jazzmaster through a Peavey Bravo 112. Well spotted, Lee. Chris admitted that his guitar line was "influenced" (I take that to mean ripped off from) a Sonic Youth song. I don't know which one, I'm afraid.

If the recording is no worse than a bathroom effect, I might punt up some others; so plead with me now to cease and desist :)

No way, you go dude.

I'm working on something that I can post up but my PC laaaaaaags awfully these days...roll on March and bonus time!

I'll have to upgrade to a proper 4shared account, as a whole song takes a lot of the freeby 5Gb up. Tim, my lo-tech solution was to use a £30 Vivitar camera in sound mode and transfer it directly to 4shared. No strain on the CPU which is just as well; this Toshiba Satellite Pro is yonks old with some lowly silicon in it.

And when is Lee's LAND recording going to be posted up? Looking forward to it...

Cheers, but I'm playing everything myself and sampling the drums so I have to do it all into Acid (I don't have enough mates for a real band...I have two in fact...both of whom play flute!)

I can almost remember when musicians did their recordings on acid. How times change.


I posted it up for a few days and took it down again, it was a real rough mix. we are re-mixing in 6 weeks.

Ah, Lee. That explains why Mike really dug something that wasn't there. He's Australian, so I just took it as an antipodean thing, but now I get it.

Please punt the remix up here on the clips section. Looking forward to the listen :)

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