Graphtech piezo bridge saddles on a Jazz Bass

OK y'all.

At some expense, I've fitted the kit to give an "electro-acoustic" option to my fretless Jazz Bass. Playing through a WEM Dominator Bass MkI, the valves warm things up a bit too much and the acoustic side might be better off through solid-state (never thought I'd say that). Still, it's quite impressive in the flesh and better sounding than my "real" (but cheap) EAB plugged in.

Here's a quick noodle using the piezos:

and, for comparison, the similar run using the Jazz Vintage 60s bridge pickup:

Mags and piezo can be blended together for some interesting options (and split out to different amps using a stereo Y-cable). Here's something I wasn't expecting. You know LCD Soundsystem's "Daft Punk is Playing at My House"?

Well, it's a lot more convincing if I play through the piezo:

rather than using conventional magnetic pups:

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Hi there... any chance you could repost these clips? I'd like to hear the result... cheers!

Apologies for the delay. I've restored my file-share account (they deleted my clips) but, at the mo, I can't remember where I put my digicamera that has the SD card containing my clips. As soon as I dig it out, I'll get those files back up and update the links.

Apols again for my idiocy.

That would be great!

Would you mind sending me a PM to let me know when you have? Thanks!

Severe apols for this delay; my camera went somewhere after summer hols (definitely did bring it back, though) and I just can't track it down. Apart from it having the clips, the camera is about my only easy way of digital recording. I'm having a mass tidy-up in the half-term hols later this month and I'll contact you when it reappears.

Apols again.

EDIT: BTW, have you seen my thread describing the installation?

It has a (working) link to my tech's installation, including pics. It's not a straightforward drop-in, so have a look if you haven't already.

Didn't know you had a jazz bass.

I had two, made by Fenix in Korea. The 1990 models are such accurate copies (later ones got the lawyer's treatment) that they're a no-brain buy. Or they were. My Olympic White I bought for £61 (auction ended on 2nd Jan - dur) but it went over £200 when I auctioned it. I bought the fretless for around £45, but it wasn't a visually appealing defret (works fine, though), no strings and cracked nut. Silly little stuff that loses £££s on an auction.

Although making it piezo cost £180 (including new flatwounds and pots/knobs but NOT including the cost of the piezo saddles, preamp, nor the Fender Vintage 60s bridge pup), it's a very interesting experiment. I just wouldn't do it on a Jazz, though. A Precision makes more sense, and a rear-routed bass (but with Fender-type saddles, of course) even more so.

I bought a piezo bridge for my guitarist, but he's never tried it. I might get it back and put it on my Mustang (and get around to fitting the Fishman piezo on my 5-string bass) but I need to stop slipping into overdraft every month first.

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