Need help identifying a Strat

Hey there!
This is my Fender USA Stratocaster. The serial number is z2129939.
And this means it is a 2002.
But can anyone help me find out what model it is?
I'm guessing its a standard or nothing special but i'd like to know!
So have a look at the pictures and post back if you know.






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looks like a standard to me, im guessing that it has had a refinish on the paintwork on the body? maybe it was natural wood sprayed some kind of candy apple red? but the hardware looks like a standard, i think the Delux's had a fixed non trem bridge and locking tuners.

cheers i thought it would be a standard.
although the white marking on the back intrigues me does anyone know what it means?

i just love strats! i have two and i'm looking to get an 80's soon!
so many great deals on ebay.

'S2' ?? in white ? not seen that before.
Does it look as if it's been resprayed? im interested because you would usually see some of the original colour in the back plate pocket and pick-up cavity's, but i can't see any, maybe it was a natural wood finish? maybe it was Cherry apple and then some decided to add a lacquer coat over the top?
the wear on the back looks natural and you would expect to see some undercoat colour but i cant see any.
Also the 5th drilled hole on the neckplate should be for a 'micro-tilt' which is used for fine neck adjustment, but yours appears to have no hole behind it.
How much did you pay for it?

i have no idea what the s2 means. i'd really like to know though.
i don't think its been repainted, i'm sure it has been lacquered and the wear is natural.

do you mean candy apple red?

oh sorry i forgot!
i payed £400 for it, but i got loads of stuff with it including a marshall vs100

Dont know where i got Cherry apple from!! yeah i meant Candy Apple red, good price £400 plus an amp, what about that 5th hole on the neckplate? does it go anywhere?

I have got a stratocaster american standard with serial number Z2 too.
Your guitar seems an american standard but the bridge is like a vintage...I now don't remember if a strat std have a vintage no.
The keys are not vintage and it has 22 freets (the vintage model have 21 freets), therefore I don't think that your strat can be a resuisse,
Anyway you have a great guitar...

hey again paolo :)

cheers i thought it was a standard but the vintage bridge is interesting.

do you think its an American Standard vintage? or just a standard with a vintage bridge?

i love it, i love worn guitars.

For me your guitar is an american standard. I have see on fender site: the american standard can have a vintage bridge. Anyway see the site.
I had gotten confused because my guitar not have the vintage bridge...

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