Boss LS-2 (line selector) question

OK,Maybe I'm missing the obvious,but how the hell do you use this thing?It seems like it does a million things except the thing I need it to do.

Here's my set-up;
Line 6 DL4--Boss RV5--MXR Phase 90--MXR Stereo Chorus

Boss Blues Driver---Boss GE-7---Boss TU-2

Now here's the trickey part.I have the top line of the above pedals running into my effects loop.The lower line above is running straight into yhe front of my amp.When I play clean during a song I use two or more pedals from the effects loop chain.When I switch over to distortion I want just a dry signal.What I want the Boss line selector to do is simply bypass all of the pedals in the loop without having to turn each one off individually.I cant seem to figure out how to do this.Any Tips?

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OK step back Bass, i'll take this one.
Firstly LS-2, excellent choice, heres how you do it (one version)
your current looped effects, going from 'A-send' to the input of : Line 6 DL4--Boss RV5--MXR Phase 90--MXR Stereo Chorus, then take the output of the chorus to the 'A-return', thats one chain sorted out.
next chain connect your 'B-Send' socket to the input of the Boss Blues Driver---Boss GE-7---Boss TU-2 then the output of your TU-2 to the 'B-Return'.
then plug your guitar in to the input, and your amp to the output, then swith the 'mode' knob to A+B or A+B mix/bypass.
by the way im only looking at this from a book, i make my own A/B switching boxes, so im discribing it as i see it.

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