Roderich Paesold Guitars!

A number of people have come across old guitars with the Roderich Paesold guitars and can't find any information on them. I came across a 6 string with model P130.

I wanted to post an email response I received from the "string instrument specialist" at the Roderich Paesold company:

thank you very much for your kind inquiry but sorry, no we can't answer your questions, strange enough, hmmm? We did never make guitars, we had always been a company for bows and stringed instruments only. I'll give you view into the history and you'll understand why there are vintage guitars by Roderich Paesold and why we can't come up with answers:

In the late 1960's Roderich - the founder - retired and sold his company to the clarinet company Wenzel Schreiber & Sons in Nauheim. Later Schreiber (together with Roderich Paesold) was integrated in the Boosey&Hawkes (B&H) group (the other companies were Keilwerth, Buffet Crampon, Besson, Rico, Winter and (only from 1993 on) Hofner). A world wide group-own network of international distribution companies was installed.

There was a high demand for guitars in the 70's and 80's but B&H didn't have a own guitar manufacturing company yet. But the group management of B&H wanted to join the guitar boom: Dutch made guitars (actually manufactured by Egmont, this company is not existent any more) were bought in with Paesold labels and sold mainly by the British and USA distribution companies. We here in Germany initially even didn't know anything about that.

Now you'll understand that we don't have any technical files, no brochures, no catalogues, no pricelists, just nothing. We only gave - for a certain period - our name because we were the only company in the group that was related to strings, all others were related to brass- and woodwind.

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Roderich Paesold guitar

I had found this forum several years back and just pulled my guitar out again, it's been some time in storage. I learned to play on this Roderich Paesold guitar 42 years ago. It's a model 90, made in Holland. It's been a wonderful guitar, curious how many of them are out there still. This one was purchased at Meyers' Music in downtown Seattle 1st Avenue, back in the 70's.

Roderich Paesold guitar, model 180

Hello all, I just bought a Roderich Paesold guitar Model 180. It's a 6 string metal, and it is in great shape. Waiting one week, the price dived from $ 125.- to $ 45,50, and I rushed to buy. To my surprice, this guitar is a beautiful instrument, and I treasure it very much! I found it on a danish fleamarket. I suggest this model comes from around the year 1970. Can anyone comment? Best wishes, Erik


I bought mine in Albuquerque, NM, in the late 70’s
All I can read of the model is 238. Beautiful 12 string. It’s been in the case for about 20 years and I just dug it out and started playing again.

Roderich Paesold P060

I have recently bought this guitar, i googled alot and found almost no info about this. It has the RP sticker in it with ''musikhaus sprenger 29 oldenburg achternstraße'' Sticker on top (can only see model and its number). It is in really good condition with only few scratches on. I was wondering if someone has found any info about this guitar and its worth. :)

Roderich Paesold P90

I was given a Roderich Paesold guitar by my in-laws around 1976. I played around with it and loved the way it sounded, but this was my first experience playing guitar. Unfortunately, I got away from it while raising my family, but a few years ago I started playing it again after having it restrung. It has been kept in a case all these years, and I just got a new case for it. It is in excellent condition, and I would never give it up. It would be interesting to know its value, but I would never think of selling it.

Roderich Paesold

Hi all,

I live in Canada. In the early-mid seventies (1973/4?) I sold an Egmond hollow body electric to a friend and used the money to buy a Roderich Paesold P130, 6-string guitar. I bought it new, from Gervais Music on Cumberland Street in the market area of Ottawa, Ontario. I would have been about 15 years old and most of the money I had came from shovelling out pig pens for my farmer neighbour. I still have the guitar and it's in good shape except for a broken neck tension rod that I have to remove and repair.

Roderich Paesold P 90

I'm the happy owner of a Roderich Paesold P 90 model guitar, with steel strings. I bought it last year on a local fleemarket for approx. $ 45.-.
The instrument plays great, and I think the price is a steal. Any comments?
Kind regards. Erik

I have a 12 string RP that

I have a 12 string RP that was handed down to me. Beautiful acoustic guitar which plays very well. It may be original strings because he never changed any string that wasn't broken. Curious to see what this guitar might be worth, aside from it's great look and play ability.

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