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You've still gotta add content?

Don't see much other than Ads at this point.

When do you plan to add content?

Fantastic site, far better than guitarsite for the sheer volume of guitar facts, the reveiws were spot on, and no pop ups at all, the whole thing smelled of quality, and i had the greatest surfing experience since riding the big kahuna at bonzai.
Keep up the good work!!

I particularly enjoyed clicking on the two links for several seconds. Then I clicked on the "X" in the top right-hand corner. Sorry to take the mick, but you ought to set it up before asking for ops.

Sorry if it isn't the best site ever, but the site was targeted to people learning guitar, but also just for people who want to check out some songs. Thanks for all the possitive feedback and also thnx for some of the constructive critisism (hope I spelled it right)! ?

I think you are missing the point, there isn't any content on the website, you have 2 links that go round in circles, there is nothing there, ask one of your friends to try and log on and see how far they get.

And you did spell critisism wrong, it's criticism!!, although people pull me up on my grammar from time to time...... 1bassleft.

Could you try the site again, I think I found why there was nothing there. Thanks!

Who, me? :lol: . Starcaster, let us know when you have added the content; no-one can see anything on your site, which may be an uploading problem.

Ah, my message went in just as yours came up. OK, I've retried and can now see that you've got something on the 2nd page of your site. You've made a start, but have a re-read of anything you write, or ask someone else to. For example

I'm going to tell you about basic chords. I'm going to put #'s in order of strings (the way I'll say it is the order of wich you should put your fingers) and the frets (at the end I'll say which string in what fret.

I don't understand what that's supposed to mean; and I'm not a beginner...

StarcasterMan, i think you are trying to reinvent the wheel by making it triangular, i tried to work out what you was saying but gave up, ive been playing guitar for 30 years and it left me bewildered.
Have you seen TAB for chords? if you play a Open E chord it's:


nothing in my mind could be mpre simpler.

I like the layout of it though, nice and simple to navigate, you don't get lost in endless options and links.

Any grammatical errors 1bassleft???

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