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Ok. Lee_UK, I don't get it. Your first review says it's awesome, but your second says I'm "missing the point". Try it again, I think i only saved it as a draft instead of publishing it. I just added new stuff and published it, so try again. Please tell me what you think and if theres still somethin' wrong, tell me plz! Thnx for the info though!!!!!!!!!! :?

I think Lee's orginal post had a hint of sarcasm to it.

Until you reuploaded the content, or did whatever change you did, there was no content on your site. Thus why we couldn't offer much of an opinion.

Lee says it best when he says its triangular. (he also says it in a Ronan Keating accent). The lesson is a little hard to follow at the moment and I'm having problems absorbing the information. Maybe with some more information to compliment it, things would be easier. It just feels a little scattered atm.

With a reading guide/picture guide and this article: ... there info is concise and it works.

Writing to teach isn't easy. So your on the right track, a lot of folks wouldn't even ask for opinions.

Design wise, the site is easy to read and navigate.

I do like the site layout; nice and clean, looks professional. I realized later that when you said "I'll put the #s" or whatever, you meant "I'll put the numbers". Although "#" is not much used to mean "number" outside the US, there's a little problem that "#" means sharp in music so it would be more clear if you typed the word fully.

As Lee says, though, don't go too far down the tab route. There are already a number of very good sites doing this.

I do understand the numbering on the website now.

A-432 in 2nd fret - this means the chord of A is 432 (4th, 3rd and 2nd string) all held down on the 2nd fret, that makes sense, but you havent said to play the 5th and 1st open, avoiding the 6th string, which i take it is the 'fat' E String??.
Confusion comes with this line:
D-312 in 2nd and 3rd fret (string 2 in 3rd fret) (strum only strings 4-1)
should it be D-321 ? string 2 in the 3rd and string 3 and 1 in the 2nd, im getting this now.
then we have:
E-354 in 1st and 2nd fret (string 5 and 4 in 2nd fret)
this whole line could be cut down to : 022100, 6 numbers cuts out a whole line of confusing text.
But i do like the layout, you could also try putting on some FAQ sections, i noticed your guitar anatomy, how about including something on amplifiers too?

Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the whole #=number thing. I mean, it's not five star work, but it's a start. I hope some people learned somthing from it. FYI- I don't add that much 'cause I'm always busy and when I'm not, I'm usually playing my guitar. Oh, any one know any good but cheap electric acoustics out there. My B-day is comin up and I might treat myself to one. Thnx people!!!!!!!!! D D

I get what you're saying but what I mean is you put your first finger on the 3rd string in the 2nd, then 2nd finger on the first string in the second fret and then your third finger on the 2 string in the 3rd. Two Things
1-What I say is the Sequence you put your fingers down, so if you do it in slo-mo, it look like you just learned the chord.
2_ The way you say it distorts my fingers ALOT!!!!
Plze Respond! ) ) ) ) ) )

Would anyone be offended if I added a little intro I came up with? Please tell me cuz I'm gooing to add it but if I get bad feedback, I'l take it off. )

You go dude, we'll check in soon.

You're ALWAYS welcome to clip in :) and, if you haven't already, check the threads in our acoustic category if you want a b'day acoustic with a jacksocket. The Washburn seems to be getting a lot of satisfieds but, even if you differ, there are some alternatives for you to look into.

Thanks for the positive feedback and I now see why I should lay of the tabs. I Think I'll put more songs on with chords instead. 1 thing is is that addin a song is easy, but adding chords to my list isn't. Post Back about new songs

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