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Can you guys check the site out again and tell me if the new songs I posted are OK???!!!

:( i can not open your website,but i got a replica guitars website in China
i think is useful for you,lt look like a manufacture, :wink:

daisy wrote:
:( i can not open your website,but i got a replica guitars website in China
i think is useful for you,lt look like a manufacture, :wink:

Dodgy counterfeit guitars, eh?

Other than this one original design:

Lovely, isn't it?

There are no problems opening your site, Starcaster, despite Daisy's comment/plug. I'd consider a bit of a rewrite of "Let's Get Started" as there are some innaccuracies in there. Perhaps you could discuss the guitar in terms of the two best known and most widely copied, the Stratocaster and the Les Paul. BTW, they both have pickups but the Strat's are single coils and the LP has humbuckers.

Wow... I always thought the SG was a tad more popular than the Les Paul, although I like the Les Paul better. This is a little off topic but I have a theory. Have you ever noticed that the bands that are not popular at all always have the insane-ly awesome SG's and Les Pauls, but true rockers like Hendrix and Buddy Holly play Strats (although they were the best guitars at the time). HAve you guys ever noticed that???

I think Gibson/Epiphone probably sell more LPs than SGs, and certainly the LP shape is more subject to unofficial copies than the SG.

As to your theory, there are a number of bands and their guitarists who made a lot of money while playing either LPs or SGs (e.g., Jimmy Page of Led Zepp and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, respectively). It's an oversimplification and exceptions abound, but Strats are favoured by the blues-rock and rock 'n' roll orientated while the heavier rockers favoured the Gibson. Rickenbacker and other, less famous makes also feature and then you get people like Pete Townshend of The Who, starting with Rickenbackers (like The Beatles), then using mostly LPs in the 70s and for the last twenty years most likely to be toting a Strat. Fashions change, too in a roughly "60s=Strat, 70s=LP, 80s=Strat, 90s=LP" way.

If I had the time, it could be fun (but a bit net-nerdy) to try to work out roughly how many album sales accrue to which particular guitars. Say by starting out with the top 20 selling albums and perhaps working backwards.

That would be kinda cool, but would take alot of time. Look up The USed and tell me what you think. I think they only have one good song that was introduced to me on my favorite show Moonlight. The band plays Gibsons, but I don't belive they are very talented. I know I'm not the one to talk,for I'm in a no name band W/out a bassist and I've created the widely unknown music genre.. Love Metal. It's MMS (massive metal shreding) with love lyrics sung by... well, I'm working on that. ( But in the words of AC/DC "It's a long way to the top if ya' wanna rock n' roll". The sad thing is that at my age, not many of us are serious at what we play... and I am one of the serious ones. Well... off to school I go. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Metal could work. The Buzzcocks did Love Punk and made good records and some money. Back to the "guitars that played on albums selling millions" idea; it's tough to work on. I just looked at the biggest album shifters, The Beatles and even that would take a while apportioning the rights to the Rickenbackers and the Epiphone Casinos (I'm keeping the Gibson acoustics out of the equation -sorry Guy- because my head already hurts).

Hey, I got summer vacation in a week, so I could work on it. What innacuracies did you spot on my "Let's Get Started" page. This is kinda ramdom, but if like prog, look up Kamelot, they are the best, but don't listen to thier first 3 albums, for the singer is not the one they have now,Roy Khan, and the old singer makes my ears bleed in the not so good way. Oh and if you like insanely awesome guitarists, you have to look up Matthew Mills. He's AMAZING D

Hey, 1bassleft, I finished! I looked up the #1 hit singles from 1970-2005, and then found out the artists guitars and found perplexing results.It seems that there is really no big...boost, shall we say, playing a gibson rather than playing a fender. I found that the largest amount of hit singles were by artists who's bands don't play guitars. If you want, I may be able to send you the graph and chart I made, but I'm not sure how. Please reply. D D D D

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