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Okay, I was just reading some reviews on HC for a Hohner and it's score averaged around 5. I actually felt more comfortable with this rating and would be more likely to purchase the guitar because at least I know the reviewer hasn't been affected by shelling out 2K, drugs or buyer remorse.

So what's your G Spot score on HC? Anything above an 8 and I start to question it. A 9 or 10 and I'm likely to ignore. 7 is my sweet spot for a half decent, honest review.

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I think the "marks out of 10" thing is fatuous and unhelpful. For example, giving a Fender Precision bass or Champ amplifier a 9/10 for features is totally stupid. There is a volume knob and a tone knob (early Champs didn't even have that). Realistically, they can't be scored >3 but does that make them a poor purchase? Millions of Precision and Champ owners would say not.

TBH, I take no notice of scores at all; I read the body text. If the review says "Ive bin playing 2 years, all my frends say Im good. This thing rocks awsom" or "This sux and dos not make you sound like EVH at all" then I ignore the review. If there is a detailed descn of the features, what it does well, what it doesn't, how it could have been done better, then that's a review I use to form an opinion.

As I mentioned in PMs, I think a "thumbs up" advantages and "thumbs down" disadvs, created by an independent mod based on the reviews coming in, would be for more useful as a summary.

BTW, I rate this post of mine as a 9/10

The scores do mean very little without the reviewer listing their experience.

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