Minimal set up

I have had an idea...write here our minimal set-up (guitar, fx, amp) by we can play nearly all the styles, the set-up that you would use to play from jazz at metal!
My minimal set-up is composed of:

1)fender stratocaster am. std
2)boost, wha, distorsion, chorus, tremolo, tuner
3)fender deville 2x12 amp

by this instruments I can play many musical styles, without have a not-good sound for every song.
Then, if I use another guitars (beyond the indicated guitar), the result is better, but the strato is a warranty!

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Nice idea for a thread, Paolo. Although I'm a bass player, I tended to use different basses and FX for gigs. I play a 5-string, which is a problem but, assuming I don't need anything below E, I would go for this...

my fretless Jazz fitted with the Graphtech piezo saddles
DHA VT1 overdrive pedal
Fradan Echomatic 50 into my 2x10" cab

the fretless has the lines from its defretting and I don't find it a struggle to play. The Vintage 60s back pickup, with the standard neck pup and judicious changes of playing style from thumbpad to plec to (dire emergency only) slapping covers a lot. The DHA gives me OD but, thanks to the bass having stereo output, the piezo bridge can still play dry. I had a thunk about the amp and, because I use flange but this is a minimal setup, the Fradan has the advantage of a 50W valve amp and a built in tape-echo which gives me a synthbass sound. Despite what bassplayers with 800W solid state amps say, my usual 100W valve amp never gets above "4" at a pub gig.

The singer / rhythm guitarist for my new band is getting ready to update his gear, and I’ve been working on an equipment list for him with the same sort of versatility in mind. He’d like to spend less than 2K. This is what I’ve come up with so far:

Standard Telecaster “Hecho en Mexico” (He may opt for an American) with a stacked humbucker in the bridge and possibly an aftermarket neck pickup as well. As far as I’m concerned that “classic tele spank” is mostly undesirable.

Boss TU-2 Tuner pedal with AC adapter and daisy chain power cable

A chorus pedal, and a dual overdrive or just two cheaper o.d. pedals

I’m also a big fan of the DeVille 2 X 12, but recently a fellow local guitarist raved about his 40 watt Hot Rod Deluxe 1 / 12 with an external speaker cabinet. He seems to think that in the small venues common to our area, a person can really crank up the 40 watt combo for superior tone where the 60 watt 2 / 12 would be too loud.

With the three channel amp and a dual overdrive, a guitarist would have 9 different gain levels at his feet – that is, in my opinion, a good level of versatility from a tube amp and no awful sounding COSM cheese.

Great post, Paolo!

Yeah, great post Paolo.

To be honest, most the stuff I play would work quite well on a (decent) acoustic guitar, so you can't get a lot more basic than that.

Another bass player sorry!

But this is my pet subject...I'm stripping my bass down to a passive PJ setup with a three-way switch, any other tonal differences come down to how you play.

This, I hope, will eventually be fed through a solid state head with tube pre, probably an Ashdown...I'm working on cab layouts now!

I think that the sound is made in great part of the hands too.
But with an acustic guitar is impossible play a metal riff...or with a jackson in a mesa is impossible play a standard jazz!
Sure...the instruments are important but hands too....if the best guitarist of the world don't has the adapted instruments?

Paolo wrote:
But with an acustic guitar is impossible play a metal riff...

Try telling that to Rodrigo Y Gabriela!

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