Randy Rhoads custom usa value?

hi there folks, i wonder if anyone can help me get a value for my Jackson Randy Rhoads?

it was custom made for me back in 1989, i ordered with blueprints from the factory, and have the original warranty as proof of its I.D number, which is RR2279.
The guitar is in excellent condition with barely a dink on it, it has one double jackson humbucker at the bridge ( i believe it is a seymour duncan under lisense ) for a real chunky death metal sound, and tone and volume knobs and a floyd rose floating trem.

it is in metallic flake black with a rosewood and mahogany straight-thru neck with mother of pearl triangular inlays. also has the original factory provided and very battered hard case!.
i have no real idea of its worth, i know how much it cost me all those years ago, but i'm not sure if that value has risen or not.

any help or advice will be gratefully received. this is my first post, so be gentle with me!
cheers in advance, davo :P

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Am I right in thinking you only want to know what it's worth out of curiousity? I mean, if you went to all the bother of having it custom built for you, you wouldn't want to sell it. What was it worth when you bought it?

hi there, err.... i guess i am just curious about its value, although i waver on my thoughts , so never say never and all that!!!
i have always thought i'd never sell her, but i no longer gig anymore ( old age and all that! ) and she's not a sit-down and play guitar because of the shape. i have an ibanez iceman, a jackson soloist circa 1993 ( battered but lovely to play ) to play with, so the Randy spends the vast majority of her life sitting in the case.
if i knew what she was worth, and it was a good price ( for me, of course! ) i may be tempted to sell. the mrs wants us to move soon, and extra money wouldnt hurt.
as to the original cost? well in 1989 i paid approx 2500 pounds with the case, around $5000 in todays money, plus whatever inflation means to that.
whether value is up or down, i really don't know. the fact that it was a custom made, does that mean that much? i mean, just how exclusive does that make them? or is it not the exclusivity rather the quality that makes the difference?
anyway, thanx for your interest, like i said, its not just curiosity, but maybe a wish to pass on to someone who will use her how she's supposed to be used.
cheers, davo

's fair enough. I know what you mean about playing a guitar like that when sitting, as I've had similar fun with my Flying V.

yeah, must be an age thing. never bothered me years ago, and i'd defend the practicality of the shape forever....... but now.... just seems a shame to have it locked away like a retarded royal family member!

You will have to excuse our reluctance to give help to people who's first and only post is: 'Can you give me a valuation please'
They are usually non-players who find a piece of Japanese 70's junk with a warped neck in a house clearance sale.
At least you are a player and don't have a piece of junk either by the sounds of it.
Unfortunately im not a Jackson expert, but a quick look around tells me that what you have is worth at least £2,500, add on the Custom bits and who knows?? but Like all things, its worth what someone will pay for it, maybe it's that real rare colour that only comes along once in a blue moon, condition is everything to a collector but not a player.
If i were you, i would stick it on ebay at a start price of £3,000 on a 10 day auction and see where it goes.
Good luck with it,

hi there, thanx for an honest assessment of my Randy. yeah, i can see your point about the non-players, so i can see why i didn't get a response very quickly. i must admit that i change my mind about selling week by week, but like i said in an earlier post, my wife is hankering for a move so maybe the ebay route is the best idea if i finally make my bloody mind up! i'd be sad to see her go, she served me well through 10 years of grindcore crusty death metal, but its just not a practical guitar for jamming with mates or sitting down, so maybe i should let someone else give her a new lease of life :( thanx for your help :D

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