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I´m searching for the book single note soloing 2. Sorry my english is not very ggod, i´m from germany. I search for the pdf of this book. Perhaps someone want to sell this book or the pdf.

Thank you for answers.


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Jazz guitar
Single Note Soloing-Vol 2
by Ted Greene.

He looks a complete noob.
He wears nobhead glasses,
he wears 'the great white hunter' outfit
that makes him look like an extra from
Tarzan and Cheetah.
He has a stupid grin,
He plays a Telecaster when nobody in the Jazz
world plays a Tele,
He has the haircut from hell
and he can't even spell his surname.. it's Green
not Greene.
But i must admit, he can play.. :D

lee_UK wrote:

But i must admit, he can play.. :D

That's all I was trying to say.

Also, considering that even a Sheepdog with a telecaster strapped 'round its neck would get a fair number of phone numbers; I'd imagine that - despite his aesthetic deficiencies - Mr. Greene does ok with the ladies, too. :wink:

Damn you guitarists. I have a reasonable haircut, clothes the right side of "not too self-concious about his image" without straying into "has it been washed since his mum knitted it for Christmas?" territory, and my bass is a far more advanced piece of playing materiel than a mere Tele; yet I haven't been given a 'phone number since a double-glazing bloke pestered me outside the supermarket.

All I get at the end of a gig is a porknuckle sandwich and a copy of British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology while the guitarist's dressing room door rhythmically thuds to the sound of four girls trying to bags first straddle :evil:

Do they make a Telecaster Bass? Probably but you would want a 5 string with a double octave neck :lol:

Warmoth make a very nice Telebass body (as does a bloke on FleebUS called mph3 IIRC). It's even possible, from either of them, to get an F-holed thinline with ivory binding. Very, very tempting but, as you say, designed for a four-string. Even so... (and I have a '51P single coil in my bag of bits - imagine if I could get hold of the TeleBass h'bucker for a good price as well :D )

1bassleft wrote:
I haven't been given a 'phone number since a double-glazing bloke pestered me outside the supermarket.

Come to America, 1bass! While playing live, both members of our "rhythm section" are under the constant guard of their spouses against a veritable hoard of phone number wielding trollops. :wink:

Also, we've found that - mostly through the exploits of a friend of a friend from London - a British accent plays very well with the ladies of Northern Minnesota - they'd love to hear all about your high tech instrument.

:lol: , Toco. Apparently, I even type with an English accent. I've had some strange proposals from the ladies of various states when venturing onto non-guitar-related threads. I'm sticking to the BBC for the latest views on the Presidential race from now on. What on earth is so interesting about us Blighties to your lasses?

Hugh ... Grant...

1BL tries the Hugh Grant approach, only to find that his preference for a manual transmission leads to confusion and disappointment. And a fine.

Sounds like you need Ted Greene's other book: Hand soloing for lonely nights

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