What do you expect this is ? Looks like dual OT's and 4 el34s (one missing ) COuld be a fixer upper..definately not a Marshall

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You have probably blown his cover on this auction, 1bassleft has a very wide net with very small holes, like a timeteam dig, nothing gets overlooked.

So there he is, all the camouflage gear on, with his snipers rifle, cross hairs focused on this long lost Dual output transformer prize, he's been sniping it for days, keeping very quiet, peeing in a bottle, his mind focused, his bid totally hidden, and then you turn up in your Co-Co the clown outfit, bibbing your hooter and running around with your pretend bucket of water shouting, 'here we are!!! over here!!! look at us!!! '


:P :P Now that's funny :lol: However I believe it's spelled KOkO

Lee, that post of yours wasn't fair:
a) I never saw that auction
b) I have now spontaneously soiled my underwear (from laughing)

myfoot, that's a weird piece. Interesting, but well into my guessing zone. Two things for sure; I'll bet my bottom it's neither Laney nor Marshall. Something dressed up as Marshall a long time ago.

The wood carcass, carry handles, rexine, fascia and modern rocker on/off suggest late 70s at the earliest. The chassis seems to be much earlier (those output impedances suggest pre-1970). It's like a pick 'n' mix done by somebody who might have known what they were doing. The obvious thing is that (of the EL34 sockets), 1+4 are OK and 2+3 has, respectively, a blown-vaccuum-tube and an empty socket.

It looks like 3 and maybe 4 ECC83s handling the new-fascia preamp and here comes the bit where I'm really guessing; especially without the underside pornshot. A pair of GZ34 rectifiers (?), a single PT and either an OPT plus an oversized choke or, more likely and as you suggest, a pair of OPTs (a bunch of resistors underneath the chassis doing the choke). Not a Drake or Partridge in my eyes. I can't be sure, but I wonder if it's a dual monoblock, 2x50W or 2x30W, fed by EL34s, married to a deliberately Marshallesque preamp at some point.

Worth a speculative punt and worth asking for undieshots from the seller while time permits. I won't bid against you. Not because of G-site brotherhood, but because my account limit has been exceeded so badly I'm now getting those "would you like a loan?" junkmails :lol:

I bet the seller has a 1,000+ watchers on his list, the big transformer looks like a partridge to me, i wonder if the amp is a worker? the wood looks a bit Laney or Simms Watts, it does look a bit of a mish mash though, a real Ned Flanders Noodle Scratcher.

I bet it turns out to be a long lost prototype Jim Marshall knocked up for Hendrix in '68.

:lol: , the PT isn't a Partridge, maybe a pheasant, I just hope it isn't goosed. The amp could indeed fetch a £100+ price at this time of year, b ut not from me. Around £60, it might be worth a tinkle.

the amp went for £77, good price.

That Partridge PT flagged by myfoot went for £50, including the p+p. That's over the odds, IMO.

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