Pedal questions / Do I really need a compressor?

Hey Gents,

I'm in the process of updating my pedal board and I have a couple questions. I want to keep my tube amp and I'm looking for a wider variety of sounds; and to that end I'm thinking of adding two more overdrive pedals to the mix. I figure that three overdrive pedals with a two channel amp will provide easy access to 8 different gain levels - 10 if you count the GE-7 EQ pedal used for a boost - a lot more if more they're used simultaneously. Is this a dumb idea? No, I wouldn't kick all 4 of them on at the same time!

My limited experience with multi-effects units (the Boss ME-50 in particular) has lead me to believe that that's not what I want. I'm actually thinking about putting another Boss Super Overdrive right next to the one I already have and then setting the drive and level just a bit higher.

Also, I'm seriously considering a Line 6 FM-4 Filter pedal. I'm not a big fan of the whole "modeling" thing, but the mp3 samples of this unit that I found online are amazing - the thing totally drips with psychedelia and would be so much deeper than just a phaser on certain parts of my band's tunes. Do any of you guys have any experience with this unit?

Beyond that, aside from adding sustain to the clean channel of my amp - something already done by hot pickups, tubes, and a bit of chorus - why would I ever need a compressor? Would my other pedals really sound better with one in place? I'm sorry to admit that I'm a little confused about the application of that particular piece of gear.

Please help me out - there are a lot of gigs on the horizon!


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I liked what he was getting at 3:15 and 5:25 and, needless to say, surprised that it was all analogue FX. I'm interested in playing synthbass without actually having to tinkle the ivories. Nice percussion from Muszynski, too.

Just a few things related to this topic:

- Although not referenced on the Guitargeek site, I recall seeing a photo of The Edge's rig from either the Rattle and Hum tour OR the Zooropa tour (not sure which) of a double rack loaded with 20 or 30 different units - very elaborate - and although I like the way he plays; I still wondered if it was all really necessary.

- I enjoyed the clips from Bass Day UK - GOOD stuff. You Brits are on the cutting edge of SO much in the art world, but I was unable to find a t-shirt online. :wink:

- On Friday as a tribute to David Gilmore I went to the local "super store" and picked up a black t-shirt (XL) for $4.99. Apparently I picked the magic one, because our gig on Saturday went VERY well. At one point there were 50 or more people dancing in a nearly tribal manner, and a Canadian vixen - ouch! - in town for the end-of-the-year festival at the local ski hill dropped her business card into my pedal board. Manitoba Hydro looks a nice place to work. :wink:

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