Can someone verify what kind of guitar I have?

I have a Gibson I bought barely used in the late '70s. The guy told me it's a Midnight Special and I've read about them but have never found a picture with my guitar's color. It's a solid, thin body with a funky, deep purple (wine?) color with colorful speckles in the paint. The neck/fretboard is light-colored wood. The hardware is no longer original, I'm sure, so I can't say much about that. It has two knobs on the front of the body, and they're squat, clear plastic cylinders with gold at the bottom. The cord plugs into the front, by the knobs. There's also a white toggle switch near the knobs. "Gibson" is written in black on the face between the tuning knobs.

Is this is a Midnight Special? I've just never seen another guitar quite like it.

Thanks for any info anyone may have for me.

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Hi Bo,

Adding some photos will help other members when they come across this thread.

- Mike

It sounds like one, Bo. The maple-bodied Gibson L6S sold from 1973 to 1979 and the "Midnight Special" is the only one with a natural headstock and "Gibson" in black, instaed of the usual white logo on a black headstock. Yours sounds like the Wine Red with a maple fretboard (also a bit unusual for Gibson).

Here's Gibson's page (no Midnight Special pic I'm afraid):

The guitar was also discussed here on Guitarsite back in 2004:

Guitar Attic has both an L6S Custom and a Midnight Special for sale. You may notice they sell relatively cheaply because they're not seen as your typical Gibson; too many deviations from the norm for their conservative market. Weirdly, their MS for sale has a "rare" bolt-on neck, which would make it even less desirable to Gibson types. Is yours bolted in? Anyhoo, here's the shop's URL:

You'll need to goto the website linked above to click on a pic of their Midnight Special (a link of the pic here was barred). Well worth going to it, though - it's a huge pic.

Mike, -- I'm new to the site and didn't know I could attach pix. Good tip.

1bass -- thanks for your reply. I do think it's a bolted neck. Still can't seem to find a picture of this guitar anywhere, but I think you and your info helped confirm that this is a Midnight Special. Seems like a rare guitar in that it's unusual, but not rare because it's valuable. Seems more like a failed experiment than anything else. It's not even in the best shape so I never thought to sell it. Also, it's worth more to me for memories of playing it in my high school garage band 28 years ago than the money I could get for selling it. But I have been curious about it.

Thanks again for responding.


You're welcome Bo. Go to that dealer's website I mentioned:
[url] [/url] and scroll down all the way to their Gibson guitars. You'll see a pair of L6S Gibsons, selling at $695 and $595 respectively (IIRC). The second one is a Midnight Special, albeit not in Wine Red. Click on the little thumbnail and you'll get a huge blowup of it.

As you say, the fact that it's not worth a huge amount isn't the biggest deal; it can still be a quality guitar. Guitarists generally expected Gibsons to have set necks, humbuckers, mahogany (or, just maybe, walnut) bodies and necks, rosewood fretboards etc. Everytime Gibson ventures from this, they tend to be snubbed and I did see some forum comments elsewhere like "they're a POS" but probably from people who wouldn't be seen dead with a Tele Deluxe, even though lots of others would love one.

1bass -- I actually checked out both sites you sent me to. I have no doubts left about what I have. The dealer's site with the blowup shows my guitar exactly but for the color (albeit in better condition). The Gibson site describes the guitar perfectly. I have to say, I don't play the guitar much anymore, preferring the feel and sound of my Les Paul, but I still play the Midnight Special now and then. Mostly, though, I really like the way it looks -- pretty cool sitting in a stand in the corner, something most people have never seen (and a Gibson, no less).

Thanks again. Nice to be sure of exactly what I've got.


:) , again, glad to be of help. If you ever find the time, Bo, try to pop up a permanent pic of your Midnight Special here on G-site. It would be the only Wine Red pic I know of on the whole web, and I've certainly hunted around for one :)

1bass, I'd be happy to post a picture but, to be honest, I'm not quite sure how to do that with this site. I email photos but I've never posted one on a website. If I can figure it out, I'll certainly do it.


Bo, there is a "sticky" at the top of this category; "How to post pics on Guitarsite". Since the thread was started, Sony has dropped Imagestation as a pic-holder. If you use Photobucket instead, that should work fine.

Yeah, Photobucket is great

TBH, that thread is a bit out of date (and mostly off-topic :D ) but only because Photobucket have made it so much really is a 3-click process long as you can find the pics on your PC; for a photographer my filing is pants :roll:

I'd be happy to post a picture but, to be honest, I'm not quite sure how to do that with this site

Post a link to it. Upload it to this site:

and post the link.

you thicko

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