now i've gone & done it.which will i(or would you)like b

hello to the forums from a newbie here, by the way...started playing guitar about 6 weeks ago..and loving it..i have a 1947 epiphone triumph sunburst that was my wife's dad's treasure...well, it's rather intimidating to tote that around with worries of it getting bashed or i decided to check out ebay and while i wanted a new or used takamine EG530 in good shape (played in the practice room at the music store and loved the sound, but not the price)
so, i decided to go with an alvarez ALVAREZ AD60SCBK..less cash but many seem to love (purchased new)

now, the fun begins..i go on ebay and bid on a slightly used tak eg530C...lord help me, but won that guitar ( as well as the alvarez)

so for kicks, anyone have any opinion on which i'll like more..of course being pretty much a newbie guitarist, it's not like i'll know the difference..yet..but down the road, i would like to learn blues on the acoustic..see if i've got some soul.

opinions on either or both guitars? i'm darn excited that i'll have 2 guitars that seem to be pretty nice units...and darn scared my wife is going to kill me when she finds out!

ps- interesting sidebar..her cousin is bob taylor from taylor mother in law said why don't you keep it in the family and buy a taylor..i said..i hope you have a good in cause you don't know the price of taylor guitars!

i've read a # posts before registering..good info and people it looks like:)

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Tanex, sorry your sole reply so far is from a bass player :? . I kept out for obvious reasons, but I'd be interested in your impressions. How did you find the two acoustics? The Taks always struck me as decent-sounding in good hands. I've never heard or held the Alvarez. What did you find?

Don't be afraid to re-sell, BTW. Just because it doesn't suit you; doesn't mean it has no value. If you don't play it, might as well sell it (says someone inches away from a room full of 'projects') :)

i'll take opinions from anyone..both sound very nice unplugged..the tak marginally fuller and louder unplugged..but the tak is far superior sounding amplified..the alvarez is quite brash sounding no matter how i adjust the eq when worries though..i'm using the alvarez as my "practice at work during lunch, around the campfire guitar"...the tak for lesson sessions, practice around the house and any amplified's nice to have both the guitars so i don't have daily guitar dragging around to work and back.

i find Takamines have a more 'Electric' guitar setup, slimmer neck, lower setup, that suits some but not all, you are right about the amplifed side, they are in a league of their own, they do some wonderful instruments.

agree..very slim neck..i'm not experienced enough to tell you why, but the alvarez for whatever reason feels a tad more comfortable than the a nicely worked in shoe (and it's not new versus old..the tak is used..the alvarez, brand new)

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