Serial number unrecognised

I have an epiphone lespaul standard with a serial number of S6339674 (it's korean made, around 1993 i think). However, the guitar dater project says it is unrecognized which is a bit of a problem seeing as i'm trying to sell the guitar. I'm worried people will be put off buying it after looking up the serial.

Can anyone help?


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Bizarre, I've got as far as you; Korea (Samick most likely) '93 (jan, again, probably...) but nothing even comes close to that number...Only looked as I have a 93 Epi SG but mine is the serial number without a prefix.

I did find a downloadable app to decode Epi serial numbers but haven't checked it out yet (as I never trust downloads :) ) here's the link anyway in case you want to risk it:

Just out of curiosity, where is the serial number?


The S/N is in the usual place - the rear of the headstock, at the top.

I tried that app but it too says it is unrecognized.

I bought the guitar a couple of years ago off ebay - what are the chances that its not entirely genuine?

A friend of mine who is a knowledgeable guitarist has used and he never never said anything negative about it.

It's unusual for individuals to fake Epiphones, as there is a lot more money in faking Gibsons, but there was a spate of Chinese Epiphone clones, if this were mine i would investigate further before attracting bids on ebay.

Most of the Epi serial numbers ive seen are 1 prefix letter followed by 8 digit number, yours has 7.
The 'Les Paul Model' transfer looks like it was put on by an blind alcoholic, while balancing on 1 leg.
The Epiphone transfer looks like a stick on job and not the Perloid / Abalone inset decal usually seen.
And it may be the photo, but is the line of the headstock cut a bit wobbly?
It's probably a real Epi but it would be worth getting it checked out.
Still looks like a great guitar though.

The last thing i am is an expert but i've just had a look at the headstock and all the lettering looks ok to me. It might just be the photo's. I certainly hope so any way.

[Edit] Just compared to other pictures of headstocks and i suppose the lettering does look a bit wonky.

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