modeling pedals vs pedal board w/ effects

D hi everybody,
here my dilemma to buy a modeling pedal (line6, boss gt10, any other suggestion?), or to build a pedal board w/ multiple effects chained together?

I'm a classical guitarist w/ composition ambitions, own a Carvin NS1 w/ 13-pin MIDI output, an Ibanez 555BK (minor model of the JEM777 - to expensive at that time for me!!), like to input in GarageBand and/or Logic Pro 7, own a Line6 Spider 75w amp - I want more "twickability"....

thanks for your help


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In my (limited) experience and personal opinion a pedal board is better if you know what sounds you want, but if you're just finding your feet with electric it can be an expensive way of experimenting with different combinations; a multi would let you explore which standalone pedals you eventually want to shell out for.

Just a thought...

I have had a lot of experience in both and it all depends on what you want out of your effects.
Linked effects upside:
easily upgradeable, easy to set the sound from each pedal, easy to tweek while playing live, great sound quality.
Downside: can be horrendously expensive (1 great distortion sound could cost you £200+) you are always tempted to change and upgrade pedals,
If you have 10 pedals chained together and something goes wrong while you are playing live..phew, one of the 20 cables? one of the 10 batteries? maybe a PSU lead come out? where do you start?

Upside: MIDI, effects loop on amp, Cheap, easy setup, reliable, smaller than linked pedals, lighter.
Downside: Sound quality can be a big downside, not upgradeable, difficult to edit sounds live on stage.

Ive even had a Multieffects (i think it was an ME50) with a Turbo Rat distortion on the side because i didn't like the ME50 Distortion sounds.

My current setup is a Vox multieffects, no other pedals attached, i play this one live, and it does the lot, it has a Valve inside and the distortion sounds are brilliant, the delays are good, the wah is excellent, the Modulations are good. It's not the greatest ive ever heard, but it works for me.....for the time being.


I thought that Line-6 amp had a bunch of digital effects and some user-programmable presets. If you're unhappy with the quality of the effects built into the amp - speaking in most general terms of units in the price range of the average guitarist - any sort of guitar multi-effect unit is just going to give you more of the same sound.

I like versatility and adjustability of my pedal board, and I can't imagine being locked into a digital preset while playing live. Plus, you can add and remove units as needed. If everything is held in place with Velcro, the likelihood of cords shorting out is greatly diminished.

I have a pedal board and a multifx too.
With a multifx you can try many sounds, becuse you have many effects; you have digital and analogic out, therefore you can link the multifx to pc or a PA; the risck of breaches is much bottom; you can load many sounds with various settings; the multifx have a A/D D/A converter, and this lowers in quality;you can not change the effects.
A pedalboard have a great sound, but is less comfortable, the risk of breaches is greater,you can change the effects and is more expensive.

My input, get an Digitech RP90 MultiFX pedal. It's cheap ($100) and you can do anything with it. You can even create your own custom sound

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