Lights - Journey cover

I am so thankful to be able to share music with my son - I'm also thankful that we like much the same kind of music. When I was his age the guitar was taking me captive, it is so cool to think he can have a lifelong journey with his drums! Speaking of Journey, here is a cover we just did. Thanks for listening, dale.

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That's probably my favourite. Journey isn't a band I've listened to, but there's a very nice lushness to the Strat; you'll have to mention your amp. Your son's sense of timing is very acute. He's a bit too big to be a pocket metronome but he's about as accurate, and more interesting of course. I can bet he'll be very accomplished by his teens.

he is a bit too big to wrestle with any as well.........which is a bad thing! I am glad he enjoys it and he is fortunate to have a good teacher and i hope he keeps improving.

The amp is a Headstong Lil King model, it is a Princeton clone basically.

thanks again, dale

Ah, I can nod sagely and feel smug; I thought I detected a "Double Fender", Strat and 6V6 sound. I have a Champ clone (loose, built around an old "Voice of Music" I bought) and a very accurate 5E3 Deluxe clone using Fender transformers. Both were built for me by my mate Terry in Altadena, CA, and shipped over to me in England. Despite the small number of Watts, both are very pleasant to play bass through when jamming around with the guitarist.

sweet! Love Journey, great cover!!!


thanks so much - we appreciate you watching!

1bassleft - you have a great ear!

Thanks for the comp, Dale, but don't encorouge me; I'm a bit of a tube-amp bore :wink: I had a look at Headstrong's pics (particularly the chassis one) and it's a good redo of the AA1164, albeit with a beefier GZ34 in place of the original's 5U4/GZ32 rectifier.

Normally, I'd drone on about the improvements made by replacing the Chinese and Russian glass with RCA or Sylvania 6V6GTs and an RCA 7025 for the 1st stage 12AX7 (in fact, I'm droning on now...) but I have to admit yours sounds good as-is. Often, modern cloners voice them up for today's glassware but US 6V6s are still so cheap that I like to experiment anyway.

Out of interest, did you go for the stock, ceramic 10" driver or choose 12" and/or AlNiCo?

you've forgotten more about amps that I'll ever know! My Headstrong has a 12' ceramic speaker. You are amazing with the electronics! talk soon, da.

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