Name That Plank

Right then. Against my advice, a friend of mine is attempting to restore this...this......thing. I know it's a Hondo (I just puked in my mouth a little when I typed that) but I can't find a model number/name for it. Any ideas?

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For the briefest of seconds, I was expecting a serious reply to this thread.
The entertainment value offered so far has (for me at least) made it all worthwhile.

Oh by the way, the owner of the plank has just told me he inherited it from a dear departed friend. Which begs the question, who needs friends like that?

Without wishing to be flippant (somebody died and all...) I can just imagine when the will was read out, like a scene from Brewster's Millions:

"To my friend, I leave a substantial sum of money but with one proviso. He must also take this Hondo guitar, restore it to full working order and gig with it at the Friday Night Open Mike Jazz Club for a whole month".

Unless that's a really substantial sum, I'd have passed on the deal and made the lawyer keep it.

There's another one of these for sale here:

Perhaps your friend would like to buy it and have a pair of horrible looking guitars? (Are they worth more as a pair?)

Unfortunately, no case with this one, although that could be a blessing given the size of it.

Did they make a bass version? Can you imagine how big the case for that would be?

So the model # is H1? Lee was half-right; the guitar is semi-5H1T after all. BTW, that Hondo on Fleeb must have the nastiest looking rosewood fingerboard I've seen in a long time. Pop it straight into the ugly 50 please, Mike.

Thanks for the LOL's guys, and a particularly big thank you to glw for finding the info I need to shut the poor guy up.

I am obviously way behind on this thread and all the entertainment value may be exhausted but I do have this bit to offer.

GLW, they did make a bass version cleverly titled the "B-1".

The H-1 was not the most radical guitar design Hondo was offering in 1984-85. Check out the UFO, Hondo's "Unidentified Fretted Object".

Besides the guitar, Hondo obviously spared no expense in hiring their Wonder Woman model. Gordy, if you puked in your mouth at the H-1, I suggest you avert your eyes now.

I may be old, but I recall Wonder Woman pushing the frontiers of the costume a bit more than this willing lady.

^Now that was a worthy bump, thanks for that, oh and ''Ze goggles, zey do nothing !!''.

Seeing as their shapes complment one another, did they actually fit together to form a doubleneck?

Please don't....I was desperately trying to avoid visualizing that.....hard with such a tempting little gap! But no! they're 2 seperate guitars!!!

So... The Sting is in fact the 5H1T? and the UFO is an off cut of the 5H1T? kind of a little 5H1T? a bit like Sting.
If you stuck the 5H1T to the arse of the UFO you would end up with a double headed/necked guitar, called a B19-5H1T does Micheal Angelo know about this?
Mike, get the Batio in on this thread.

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