Name That Plank

Right then. Against my advice, a friend of mine is attempting to restore this...this......thing. I know it's a Hondo (I just puked in my mouth a little when I typed that) but I can't find a model number/name for it. Any ideas?

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Nice detective work, Lee. I think The Sting is involved because that rosewood fretboard is about as Brazilian in origin as Greece's performance in Euro 2008. It might be the guitar is a Sting-Signature Tantric 5H1T. As with most Hondos, it's an innaccurate copy; unlike Sting's usual outpourings, this one is not completely pointless.

Pointless or not 1BL, I saw it reported on an American music show the other day that Sting makes $2,000 a day from royalties on just one of his songs.

I wish I could write something so pointless!

Wait, maybe there is a point, and hoodwinking a public with a head the consistancy of wet bread is it. sb

Yep, every 5H1T he takes nets him $2000; nice. TBF, the man has definitely written several good toons; it's the Patagonian Tantric Tree-hugging yabba that can annoy. Still, nowhere near as bad as Chris Martin.

How someone can go to the semi-decent University College London, write some excellent songs, and still be an inarticulate blabberer of Fairtrade to such an embarrassing extent mystifies me. Not on the other side of the pond, though, as this drivel shows:

I asked frontman Chris Martin (singer/keyboardist/guitarist), "What is really important to you?" And he said, "Music is everything." I looked into his eyes with tears in my own. That's the power of love and happiness when one works hard to achieve, and succeeds.

Not feeling sick yet? Read more of this hard-hitting journalism here:


Agreed, I wish I was pretty enough to buy a country house based on an arpeggiation that writes it's self. Or maybe that's clever enough.

I do believe the Tantric crap is the most annoying aspect of his speel. He was a guest on the Opray Winfrey Show here in the States (i.e. the most popular women's show on the tube) where he claimed to have sex for 6-8 hours at a time. Of course, the women in the audience were quite impressed, but I do have a couple of questions for Sting if I would have been invited to attend.

1. What exactly are you accomplishing in hour 6 that could not have been accomplished in hour 4?

2. How exactly do you have all this free time?

3. Describe the reaction of your sensitive parts that were never designed to accomplish such an astonishing feat.

4. Has your partner ever suggested that she would rather go for lunch and a drink than continue your pursuit of a place in the Guiness Book of World Records?

5. Has your partner ever fallen asleep, re-awakened and fallen asleep again during one of your escapades?

As far as Chris Martin goes, I don't know much about him. I'll do my homework and catch up with you later. sb

Can someone give us a breakdown of the 8hr stint? is he on the job for 8 hours? or do they stop for lunch, sack the cook and get back to the tantric humming?
No quoting from Wickipedia.

Coldplay are probably more annoying than anything Sting ever did, but as much as i want to hate it, i do actualy like their new single, but i think it's because it sounds like Pink Floyd.

I'd need the loo in that time :shock: ...and I have to eat (food) every 3hrs.

Just another bit of trivia on these guitars, one of the guys from Molly Hatchett used to play one, I think it was Hlubek

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