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Hello, This is Don, In the past I have replied on this forum about the search for info on the Crest guitar Co., informatoin was very hard to come by, I was begining to think that there just wasn't any info about them, there were a few other people on this forum with the same problem,well I continued to look for info on the one that I have and yesterday I did find out a little about them thanks to a post that I ran across on another guitar forum, I want to thank who ever it was that posted this info and I give all the credit to him ,I sure was glad to see it
He proved that the Crest guitar(not the Gibson Crest) was made by the Harmony Guitar Co. for the Sears and Roebuck Co. in 1938 and he even sent in a link to a page in the 1938 Sears cataloge showing the Crest guitar, There were 3 pages on Crest guitars that were for sale so I sent off for all 3, I am hopeing that being able to read the fine print on the pages will tell us even more about them, if so I will pass this info on to you other Crest owners as well,
Just finding out that they wre made by Harmony gives us a whole new place to search, I want to find out the value on mine so I can insure it,
I sure hope this helps all of you that were having the same problem with your guitar, any info that you might have found out to add to this will surely be appreciated,

I also have a Bently acustic that I bought roughly 25 years ago that I am finding out a little about here and there so if anyone has more info on it please pass it on, thanks, Don

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Hey Don,

Great news on the Crest Literature, just the kind of esoteric guitar information I find so interesting.

I've put together a pretty decent collection of Bently guitar literature on my website I have at least 4-5 additional catalogs that I haven't uploaded since I haven't been able to determine a firm publication date. Undated literature is such a pain to research!

I look forward to what you discover about Crest. sb

Hello again SB, I havn't received the cataloge pages as of yet but I have found out a little more about my Crest, It was made in 1937, come to find out this is what the S37 stamped down inside of it means, I found this out from a guy on a Harmony guitar forum that really knows Harmony's inside and out, I don't know if it would be proper or not to to post the web site on here or not???Every one involved with helping me seem to be really nice folks, I have learned so much from them,
The 3758 stamped on mine is the serial number and I (we) have no idea what the 20F means? Perhaps it is the number of frets on this model as this is how many it has,at least now I can try to find a value on it and get some insurance for it, any thoughts on this?
I have decided to go ahead and fix the one tuning key,restring it and see how it sounds, I can rememeber my father playing it when I was a kid but have no idea as to how it sounded,I don't play to well but my neibor does,I'll just sit and listen 8)
Now that that's pretty much taken care of it's on to my Bently guitar for some more info on it, I got it out the other night and polished it up, what a great finish on it, it looks as good as it did the day I bought it, I wish I could say the same for the Crest but it has got 50 years on it over the Bently,
If you should run across anything let me know please, take care ,Don


It's great that you've taken the time to post your research on Crest. There is no problem if you post a link here to another site with additional info. We get a lot of requests for info and your research helps everyone searching for knowledge about their guitar. Feel free, and :D

As for insuring a Harmony brand; they were originally catalog guitars but are becoming appreciated for their quality. I'm no expert, so my usual advice is to look at completed listings of similar guitars on eBay and base your valuation on that. Take no notice of "Buy It Now; $3000" -type listings unless they actually sell. Idiots abound on the Fleeb but genuine auctions give you a good feel for market worth.

Here are some pictures of my Crest guitar if they work, I posted them on a Harmony Forum and they showed up OK , this guitar is 71 years old so this will explain it condition :(

:) Thanks for the reply 1bassleft, and the info, I just wanted to be sure before I posted another site on this one , like I said,these guys sure know their stuff and have been a great help to me, I hope they can help you all too: (François owns this site)

Have a great day :D

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