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Its getting to the end of the night... you have to play one more, but you have exhausted the set list, and the stand in singer doesn't know any of the extra material you know, then someone says, how about 'Wild thing'??
well this was totaly improvised, the singer was coming in too early on some of the verses, sorry about the 2 improvised solo's, it was late night and the brain wasn't improvising too well... seemed to go down well with the crowd though, this was shot and uploaded by one of the customers.


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Nothing wrong with the solos, plenty wrong with your apostrophes (again) and I assume you're out of shot or in darkness. The "nice hat" with the LP is the rhythm player, I take it?

Not keen on his hat or stage-dance, but a very nice guitar tone on the chords. Quality amplification, I presume?

The LP Player is Sean, he was interested in your Park head, but opted for a more feature laden Marshall TSL100 (this was it's maiden flight), he has the usual 4x12 but loaded with 70's greenbacks, (rolas?) all his stage wear is bought from the market in Camden town, so you never know what he is going to turn up as.
At the moment he's into cowboy hats and 'The Faces' neckerchiefs, but it really is a lucky dip with him, he also sings as well, the singer is our stand in, our full time singer doesn't start til mid August, the stand in singers voice is a bit rough in places, some songs he nails and others seem to lack a bit of 'pitch and phrase' but he is enthusiastic.
I started the song off with my SG into a VOX tonelab into a VOX AC30.

How' the grammar?

0:30ish reminded me of Boston - More than a Feeling. You surely may as well include it in your set list, Lee?

1bassleft wrote:
Nothing wrong with the solos

Hi Lee
I'll second 1bl's comment, I'm really impressed.
That's what I call a "real ambiance"!!!

Hope to hear more from you. :wink:

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